Vegas auction house or seller?

Trying to find a auction house or reseller for some wine a friend is trying to sell. I’ve tried googling and haven’t found anything and wondering if anyone has and recommendations. Thanks!

Lee’s Liquor (20+ stores in Vegas) has done some of these. They have been run by Gil Lempert-Schwartz (sp?). I won’t comment on Gil but you can search this board for further info. I know they did one (800 bottles, high end Bordeaux and Italians) for a guy who got a job transfer to Texas and decided not to move the wines. You could contact the main office of Lee’s to inquire.

You might consider Benchmark out of California. If the collection has more than a few bottles, they do come and inspect.

GLS is also the wine critic for the Las Vegas Review Journal, e.g. this article where he profiles $4 roses.

It sounds like GLS travels quite a bit also, to Asia/Hong Kong if memory serves correctly…you’ll have to catch him at the right time.

WineBid may be an option? They pickup and ship to NoCal from LV I believe.

If your friend is looking for local buyers, send me a list.