Vegan friendly restaurants in Napa

Does anyone have a recommendation for vegan friendly restaurants in napa? I’m trying to find somewhere to take my gf for her birthday and have been surprised at how non-vegan friendly all of the restaurants are. I’m sure many of the good restaurants can accommodate, but it’s a little insulting to take a vegan to a restaurant that has a menu with zero vegan options, especially on their birthday.

I am not going to be able to help with Napa per se, but this website has a pretty good listing of vegan-friendly restaurants across the country, and I have successfully used it in the past:

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Thanks Mark–this is really helpful to know about! It unfortunately corroborates my fear about Napa. The only restaurants I can find with reasonable vegan option(s) are pubs and ethnic restaurants.

My wife is vegan. She loved Torc in Napa. Nothing specifically vegan on the menu, but we called ahead and either one of the vegetable dishes was already vegan and just not marked, or was easily converted.

Not in the town of Napa, but in St. Helena, there’s Sherpa Kitchen. We eat a lot of Indian and thought this was really nice. Large patio out front. Maybe not birthday splurge fancy, but not shabby either.

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Torc is amazing; not surprised they have a vegan option on the menu.

Compline has a vegan dish as well, and one of the very best wine lists in the Valley. HIGHLY recommend them.

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I’m not vegan so I don’t know, but I would imagine

Small World
Grace’s Table
Mango on Main (mini mango) Thai

and if you can get up to St. Helena
Charter Oak

What’s wrong with ethnic restaurants? IMO they do vegetarian/vegan just as well, if not better than non-ethnic restaurants. (WTF is an ethnic restaurant anyway? Anything not traditional American? European?)

ugh [swearing.gif] [head-bang.gif]

Thanks for the helpful suggestions everyone!! I booked Torc and Grace’s table and will hopefully get to try some of the other suggestions as well.