Vaynerchuck is EVERYWHERE!

Stopped to get gas yesterday afternoon and look at the loud screen the stations all seem to be getting these days and I see Gary pimping Prosecco. Mind you this is in Orange, California at a gas station about 300ft from the Wine Exchange. [wink.gif]

Saw the same commercial at a gas station here in PA last week. I almost dropped the pump!!!

I saw it too… by my work in Rancho Cucamonga.


Yeah, Gary V is many things but Ass Clown would not be one descriptor I would pick. A bit much, perhaps, but he has always been a friendly, cordial and positive poster here even when some folks choose to dump on him.

Sorry, I wasn’t trying to derail the thread. Like I said, I respect the the way he’s used new media to expand wine culture to a broader audience. I was just poking a little fun. [oops.gif]

As if you could get the pump to ever work, old man!

oh wait, are we still talking about gas? pepsi

Nice to know how much you respect your elders!!! [middle-finger.gif]

Ah ok. That was a bit over the top and with no smiley I thought you actually hated the dude! [thankyou.gif]