Vatan? On “Goliath”

So I am watching the first episode of season two of Billy Bob Thornton’s lawyer show and some characters are finishing lunch and one, played by Mark Duplesse, turns to the waiter and says something like, “tell your boss the sancerre was delicious! What was it?” And the waiter says “clos la neore”. This is a paraphrase except for the wine references.

Oh and the leftover wine in the glasses was dark purple. Those prop people!

Maybe that was an insider dig on red wine by a Vatan-loving white wine-preferring writer.

Vatan’s Pinot Noir was better than his Sauvignon Blanc.

[At least the bottles which didn’t suffer from bacterial spoilage.]

So maybe the red in the glass was Vatan’s Sancerre Rouge?! I too prefer(red) the red. Brilliant Pinot.

Ah but is the rouge named Clos oa Neore?

Vatan Pinot Noir was such a singularly bizarre wine that I can’t imagine UC-Davis or Bordeaux ever developing a protocol which their students could follow in an attempt to recreate it.

In fact, I wonder whether Vatan himself understood what he was doing, or whether he was just very very lucky.

Although it’s odd how the same guys keep getting very very lucky in vintage after vintage after vintage.

Ah. Might have a point there.

I never understood the red, but I only tried it 3 or 4 times. Always found it a bit hard, even in vintages when it shouldn’t have been. The white, on the other hand…

It’s on CT but no pictures. Not clear if it actually exists.

Almost positive it wasn’t called Clos la Neore. I have one btl of '02 red left… don’t have access to it at the moment, but think it just said ‘Sancerre.’

–quick Google image search shows ‘Pinot Rouge’ or ‘Pinot Noir’ under ‘Sancerre.’

Guessing my '02 could be OTH, but on the off chance anyone has any semi-recent experience, I’d love to hear it.

(Hey Maureen!)

I had the 02 rouge a couple of times…found it more interesting than good. -mark