Vanishing Corned Beef Rounds

Three f’n weeks and nobody has any corned beef rounds. I’m having withdrawal symptoms that Carrie is trying to stave off with homemade Kung Pao Chicken, Tacos, pasta and slow cooked tri-tip with veggies. I want my corned beef round with hot sweet mustard and corned beef on rye sandwiches the next day or two. [head-bang.gif]

Cash and carry, now known as Smart food service, usually has them.Looks like there is one in Santa Rosa. Good luck! As an Irishman I love all things corned beef.

Thanks Mike but they don’t have it either. Wish it was like a fish and I could could go troll for it, pun intended.

I saw this article in the WSJ but now I am only seeing it here-no matter-same blurb. Made me reach out to my special super-secret Wagyu brisket supplier for another load. Luckily, his supply remains unfazed. Just got my shipment of Wagyu’s ten minutes ago!
$16/lb for brisket! My Grandma Bubbie would positively shpritz in her grave. I pay less than that for my Wagyu’s.
The whole point of BBQ brisket was to take a cheap piece of meat and find a way to make it taste good. Same with my Grandma’s Jewish style brisket and corned beef.
Absolutely ridiculous display of supply and demand being irrelevant to intrinsic value.
The same has happened to veal shanks for Osso Bucco and skirt steak. Tri tip too. What’s next-pig ears and beef tongue? Oh wait, beef tongue is also now expensive. Beef heart is still cheap though.

And oxtail.

Round isn’t kosher, so you must be eating the Irish corned beef. No corned briskets around?

They really aren’t that hard to make from scratch - takes a week or 10 days of curing in the fridge. But at least then you’ll have one

I have a brisket in the freezer. I’ll get the ingredients and give it a try. Thanks for the suggestion

This isn’t a bad starting point

I’ve adapted my own pickling spice mix over time

The “strange” ingredient for most cooks is pink salt. Most spice shops have it unless they have issues with nitrates/nitrites. Also, if your going for a five day cure, you might want to poke any thicker parts of the brisket with a carving fork several times before dropping it in the brine to give the brine a path to the center of the thicker parts.

You will be happy with the result - way better than store bought

The ruhlman cure is a winner IMO.

Now I have another reason to dislike Arbys

I second Mr. Kolin’s recommendation. Once you have homemade corned beef, you can’t go back. Homemade mustard on top of that is “last meal” worthy.

Is there any better breakfast on the planet than a good corned beef hash, poached eggs and rye toast?

I’ll fourth the Ruhlman recipe. Really easy to make and vastly superior flavor and texture. We’ve done side-by-side comparisons on St. Patrick’s Day and people unanimously massively preferred the homemade