Valuing Old Bordeaux

I could use some help with valuing a few bordeaux I am considering selling. I have looked on wine searcher but the ranges are huge $800-$1800 on a single bottle I can send pictures if it helps.

I have:

(1)1975 Lafite High shoulder fill slight label soiling (no tears) Capsule is intact.
(1)1975 Latour Base neck fill slight label soiling (no tears) Capsule intact.
(1)1970 Lafite Base Neck fill very slight soiling (no tears) Capsule intact


Hey Greg,

The big price disparity in the marketplace has to do with demand from Asia for Bordeaux - specifically Lafite. However, they are very particular about bottle condition - namely that cosmetic perfection is expected, even with older vintages. To be honest, the label soiling could have a larger effect on value than the lower fills - and I would definitely not count on receiving top dollar with cosmetic issues. In the same vein - by ‘capsule in tact’ - does it look new or very near new? Or is it showing some wear/age, but is still ‘in tact’? Again, that will have a big effect on price as the big buyers are picky.

To me they show very little wear to me… but I am new to this any chance I can send you some pictures?

Acker has a database on their site of all prices from their auctions.
It’s available to anyone. (BTW, the amount they list includes buyers premium)

Given how much Lafite is being sold you should find some recent data points.