Valentines Day Dinner Recipes for Horizontal Cristom tasting


I will be doing a horizontal Cristom Pinot Noir tasting this Valentines day for my wife. Need to get a good appetizer and entree recipe that will pair well with their four pinot Noir’s.

Trying to make this a special night and meal. Thanks for the help!

There is a discussion about steak tartar on the main wine forum now, so…

  1. Amouse bouche: some toasted baguette slices with Brillat-Savarin cheese…making sure the cheese is at room temperature. Maybe some tomato bruschetta (with only salt and olive oil in the tomato.)

  2. Appetizer of steak tartar without onion.

  3. Salad with charred greens, including roasted/grilled thin baby carrots and sliced beets, goat cheese sprinkles, and a light application of olive oil with a tidge of baslamic as dressing.

  4. Main course of roast chicken with mushrooms and polenta.

End pinot.

  1. Dessert of Sauterenes and emmentaler and gruyere?

Love Anton’s menu, particularly the chicken. I would also add gougeres as a possible amuse bouche - go fantastically with Pinot and pretty easy to make.