Valentine's Day Dinner: 1962 DRC Romanee Conti, 1964 DRC Echezeaux, Climens, Angelus

This dinner had been planned for quite a while and was a family dinner rather than that among any of my wine friends. Sharing such spectacular wines with such great people made the evening much much greater. We had courses planned and had the room to ourselves so the conversation was perfect and we were allowed to enjoy the wines over time as we pleased.

2003 Henri Boillot Meursault 1er Cru Boucheres- a very nice Meursault to start the night. Crisp acidity and buttery apples. I already had a glass of the RC in front of me so this didn’t get enough attention. ***

1962 Domaine de la Romanee Conti Romanee Conti- This was purchased on release and cellared since. WOW. Huge nose of porcini mushrooms, black tea and so much more. The wine was fully resolved and the finish is still on my tongue I think. I literally have been smelling the bottle for a few hours now and the rhubard and red fruit (yes still fruit!) are amazing. Can I say this is the best wine I’ve ever had? I’m not sure. It was the most unique and certainly had the longest finish. I’m not sure I’ll ever forget that finish. What an incredible wine!!! *****

1964 Domaine de la Romanee Conti Echezeaux- Also purchased on release.I feel like this suffered since it came after the RC. It was surprisingly young and I wasn’t the only one at the table who thought so. It was definitely much younger than the RC. The nose was a little more muted but I got dried cranberries, mushrooms, tart berries, and tea. The wine still had a lot of tension and if you have a well-stored bottle, it isn’t time for this beautiful wine. The palate had the tension I mentioned but the fruit was pleasant. It had many of the nice aged burg characteristics of the RC but was more subtle. I loved it but it didn’t permeate the room like the RC or really move me. Amazing nonetheless. ****1/2

1998 Chateau Angelus- This was a pleasant surprise as another table sent us a few glasses of this from magnum. A good call on his part because he unexpectedly got a glass of the 1962 in return! It had a big right bank nose of crushed rocks, plums, red fruits etc. The palate just seemed so young compared to the Burgs. I wish I could have spent more time with this but I love right bank bordeaux so this was a treat. ***1/2

2003 Chateau Climens- I’ve had great bottles of this and this was very nice but maybe a little less impressive as before. Thick and viscous but not over the top. Again, I think this wine suffered in comparison to its table mates. Apricots and mouthcoating honey. With creme brulee it was so creamy and long on the finish. ****

This was the best wine dinner I’ve ever had the pleasure of attending and it was particularly memorable due to the company. Three generations in attendance. I feel like this kind of meal validates why we chose this hobby we have. ****** on the night.

Very generous of you to send over the '62. I would have sent him a glass of the Meursault. :slight_smile:

I bet he was pretty surprised Kevin! I’m pretty sure they were old friends and had shared many wines together. Reminds me to always be generous because you never know what you’ll get in return.

Do you get wine-searcher pro?

I was thinking $5K, and then I thought, no, more like $10K, and then I checked WS Pro, and I was way, way off.

There’s only one listing in the entire world right now, for a magnum, and, gosh, well, let’s just say that that was one heckuva Valentine’s Day party you had.

Strong lineup there David.

Thanks Bill. It didn’t suck. Food was great too.

My girlfriend’s grandmother, a non-wine enthusiast, commented on this prior to the meal. She said she looked it up and jokingly said she thought we should have auctioned it and split the proceeds. It was already in the decanter and I don’t think it ever crossed his mind. If I owned the bottle, that’d be a tough call because of my law school expenses but I think there is a lot of value in enjoying these gems.

Strong play indeed. Well done!