Use of falconry to control birds in vineyards

I found this article very interesting.

Are any of of our board members using/considering using this method to control crop loss?


Netting is 24/7.

Blankiet is using and having great success. After having a lot of damage in 2022 I plan to use with 2023 harvest.

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That’s pretty cool. And you get the bonus cocker spaniel, too!


Hahn Family Wines (Santa Lucia Highlands) uses falconers.

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Last year we had families of birds of prey on the tree line next to the vineyard. No small birds. No crop loss.

This year for whatever reason they were not there and the birds attacked vigorously. I hope they will be back next year.

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Shafer’s Red Shoulder Ranch Chard is named after the Hawk. Shafer has been “courting” birds of prey as long as I can remember in an effort to reduce grape loss. I think they had already put up the nesting pedestals throughout their vineyards the first time I visited in 2004.

Sanford & Benedict has some peregrine falcons that nest in the area. I think they mostly control vermin rather than birds.