US corkage fees and more on one website

To search nationwide, here is a website that you can use for more than just wine:

Interesting idea, but at least in NYC, there weren’t a lot of restaurants listed. I liked the website though.

I put in 5 different cities including yours and came up with no results in any of the searches. What am I doing wrong?

The first thing I did was to put in Santa Barbara under WINE and got 15 hits. I haven’t tried other cities, but will to see if this is really useful or not.

Ok I see how it works. I’ll play with it too and see.

The question I have now is how current and accurate are these? They list a restaurant that closed 2 months ago in SB and I`m tracking the ones they do list for accuracy against input from about 35 local friends who helped me put tougher the Santa Barbara list under its own thread herein.

Just 3 for NYC?