Urgent advice needed - wine bar in NYC East Village

The guy from our tech company is here today and, since I am the wine guy, he comes to be for a recommendation regarding a good wine bar in the East Village for a date he has tonight and the young lady supposedly likes to drink nice wine. I am not big on the wine bar scene. Anyone have any ideas?

It’s not a “wine bar” precisely but posting up at the bar at Pearl and Ash is a very solid option

Only in this community could someone say that they urgently needed a wine bar in the East Village and be taken seriously.


Not quite the East Village, but I would send him to Corkbuzz on East 13th. Great list including by the glass, good food and Champagne is 50% off after 9pm.


Pata Negra is another option.

Send him to Ten Bells in the Lower East Side, it will be hopping tonight because of the Raw Wine Fair.

If he is willing to go downtown just a little further go to Compagnie des Vins

CorkBuzz is not a bad option.

Other East Village Options:




CorkBuzz is in the Village, though not east. A good choice if you don’t need to be in Hipsterville.

I’ve never been thrilled by Ten Bells. I can’t ever remember having a wine there that I liked. A little too far to the left (AFWE) for me.

I haven’t been to Il Posto Accanto or Bar Veloce in several years, but I used to enjoy both of those a lot, and you didn’t have to have an AFWE palate to find good selections.

Perfect examples of the gentrification of the East Village when someone asks for a recommendation of a wine bar and gets several names.

I am still living with memories of Downtown Beirut, Blue & Gold, and Pyramid Club (still open but changed).

Actually, I think there were more wine bars there 10-12 years ago. I spent a lot of time down there then and many have closed. I’d say the real measure of the gentrification is that rents are now too high for wine bars!

Thanks guys. I knew I could count on you. I iwll send him the thread.

+2 on this, and I think Rebelle (next door to P&A) has some kind of wine bar scene too–at least there were people at the bar when we went for dinner. Their wine list is very impressive…

Also, not exactly East Village, what about Aldo Sohm? They have some very high-end stuff by the glass.

All in the service of wine & romance, mind you. [worship.gif] flirtysmile champagne.gif

I haven’t been in a long time, and it’s not really East Village, but I remembered liking Bar Jamon, which is next door to Casa Mono - I recall getting a plate of jamon iberico and a bottle of wine and feeling very content with life, although the space was a bit crowded.

Bar Jamon is solid and hey, if a guy above suggested a spot smack in the middle of freaking midtown, nothign wrong with Union Square-ish area.

Yeah, Rebelle is run by the same people. I believe Rebelle is a little bit more of a ‘restaurant’ while P&A focuses on small plates. Neither are a bad option as they both have killer wine lists, it just depends what you’re looking for. Do both!

Not just a First World problem, but a hipster-ized First World problem.

And Rebelle is not as noisy as pearl and ash. Which I appreciate greatly but others won’t care about.

Whoever this tech guy is better put all this great advice to good use.

Jay, what’s your address? I hear you have some nice wines at your place :wink: