UPS upping their game?

Mostly, we like to complain about shipping, so I thought a counterpoint should be noted. UPS appears to be getting faster on cross-country ground shipments. Ship Monday for Friday delivery on the East Coast seems to be a new normal. Plus, more Saturday deliveries, even when you don’t pay extra for that service. On the other hand, I just checked a delivery that noted in the “proof of delivery” box that the package had been accepted by “Woman.”

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50% chance of being correct.

I’ve actually found them better on Friday shipping for Tuesday delivery. They drive all weekend. Monday shipping I’ve gotten screwed lately and it arrives on Fri and sits in a trailer at my distro center all weekend before being delivered Monday which is the worst case scenario.

New CEO. Yes, you should see improved service.

Distribution center in my area is climate controlled. Been inside during summer, and people are wearing jackets.

They need to reduce their electric bill

It’s possible, however, it wasn’t scanned as received at the distro center until Sunday night. It showed “in transit” all weekend, so I’m fairly certain it sat in a trailer in the parking lot for 2 days.

I’d usually agree, but my UPS driver totally missed today’s estimated window of delivery. Still expected to arrive before 7pm tonight, but it’s been frustrating to see the truck so close to my house and yet not arrive.

Love my UPS driver. HATE the company and have advised all we contract with that they must use FedEx or another courier acceptable to us, and until something changes in the quality of service from UPS, we will not accept UPS as a courier going forward. We’ve advised UPS of our policy and they claimed that service would improve, but we haven’t seen any improvement since. Unfortunately, I can’t specify another courier for wine shipments if the seller uses them, but I do with everything else we can negotiate.

When requesting wine samples from Greece and Spain, I require UPS (vs. others) and request that they ship Friday morning, so flight to US is over weekend and delivery during business week. Generally avoids having to sit in a UPS warehouse over the weekend. Generally!