UPS Tracking Information?

I’ve never had one that did not show a departure scan. Origin scan on 3-13 and nothing since. Anyone ever seen this? Thanks.

They have printed a label, but it has not yet been picked up.

Origin scan means the label was created but not picked up. The package is not in their system yet.


Origin is Oregon. Tracking shows delivery due this Friday 3-20 to south La. Guess I need to reach the retailer.

Maybe it’s UPS, but I’ve been having issues where they don’t update departure or estimated date of delivery. It’s happened with 3 wine deliveries this year already. Even the day of it doesn’t say out for delivery, only that it’s reached the hub.

I thought you said there was nothing since?

The estimated delivery date was provided on 3-13 at the time of the origin scan.

If there are no tracking updates, the est. date is meaningless until they pick it up and adjust the delivery date.

This happens to us all the time during shipping season. If you have the “My UPS” service that alerts you when a shipping tag is generated, it provides an estimated shipping date on the assumption that the package will leave the day the tag is generated. It’s confusing for the customer and makes packing ahead of shipping challenging. Until UPS physically scans the tag it doesn’t really mean anything. That’s why we tell Rhys customers that they’ll know when their wines ships because they will get a ship notice and tracking info from us. I wish that UPS service worked differently, honestly.


Just had this happen last week on something I shipped. Package was delivered and then the site updated. Only showed that the label had been created. I don’t think it’s too uncommon.

I don’t mind it the notice, but agree that UPS should make clear that the arrival date is based on pickup date, or just not provide an arrival date at all until it’s picked up by UPS.