Updated Inventory: Cellar Thinning: Merry Edwards, Quivet, Tablas Creek, De Negoce, Austrian wines and others

Usual Berserker issues - over purchased, tastes have changed, making room for new incoming orders, etc.

All bottles purchased directly and stored properly by me. Shipping out of Northern NJ. If you take a case I’ll pay the shipping cost. Usual shipping/ownership rules over ownership (once shipped its yours) applies.

The Price per bottle is what I paid; I do not have WS Pro to start looking up all the prices, so I’ve offered up a 15% Discount.

Updated Inventory & New Listings as of 4/1

Region Vintage Varietal Label Purchased Price Sale Price Qty
Napa 2019 Petite Sirah Charles Krug $80.00 $68.00 Qty 2
Napa 2015 Super Tuscan Blend David Arthur Meritaggio $70.00 $59.50 Qty 2
Napa 2020 Cabernet Sauvignon Quivet Calistoga $90.00 $76.50 Qty 1
Napa 2020 Cabernet Sauvignon Quivet Pellet Vineyard $85.00 $72.25 Qty 1
Napa 2019 Cabernet Sauvignon Quivet Pellet Vineyard $85.00 $72.25 Qty 4
Sonoma 2020 Pinot Noir Merry Edwards Meredith Estate $80.00 $68.00 Qty 2
Paso Robles 2018 Grenache Tablas Creek The Overachiever $36.00 $30.60 Qty 1
Willamette Valley 2019 Pinot Noir De Negoce #70-A $16.00 $13.60 Qty 1
Willamette Valley 2019 Pinot Noir De Negoce #70-B $16.00 $13.60 Qty 2
Austria 2019 White Blend Rosi Schuster Aus Den Dorfern $18.00 $15.30 Qty 1
Austria 2018 St Laurent Weingut Rosi Schuster Sankt Laurent $21.00 $17.85 Qty 1

bump - updated inventory in original post. bottles sold have been removed.
Can ship UPS or USPS (potentially Fedex too but always prices higher).

3 more bottles sold - inventory has been updated…

Reminder listed price is negotiable especially for multi bottle orders

another bump for another sale. First post has the updated listing.

Another sale - updated inventory to remove those sold and added a few additional bottles.

Thanks, easy transaction

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Interested in your dN inventory. (not sure how to PM on this platform…)

PM sent with my email if that is easier

Some DN and Scherrer sold. Updated inventory in first post - will try to add a few more bottles this weekend as there seems to be interest.

Appreciate everyone looking

Easy case sale, fair pricing and quick shipping.

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A) Updated Inventory and added some new bottles (more to come later this week)
B) added column to show my price then 15% off which is what I’ll sell for here on CC

A few posts in this thread will confirm you can buy with confidence. Can usually ship within 24 hours or I can hold if you request. Can ship USPS or UPS (Fedex is a case by case scenario)

Buy a case, I’ll pay for shipping. By a full case of DN wine, I’ll take another 10% off off the 15% off price.

Email sent.

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Updated inventory as another case has been sold.