Upcoming Realm Release

For this upcoming spring release, what’s the tariff on these single vineyards? My first purchase was this last fall…

I am assuming these cost more but I could be wrong

I think they all run $200+. I also placed my first order last year and am not sure we’ll make the cut for the single vineyards this spring. I believe the production is much smaller.

I can only go off what I ordered this time last year

To Kalon $225
Beckstoffer Dr. Crane $225/$520
Farella Vineyard $150
Houyi $200

I didn’t buy Moonracer but I think it was $250 and can’t remember what the Cab Franc went for. Will be interesting to see if they keep prices steady.

Yes moonracer was $250 last year.

There was also the Fidelio Sauvignon Blanc for $60

Does anyone know if Fidelio is still 100% SauvBlanc? I heard they are searching for Semillon to create a white BDX blend.

Looking forward to Tues! Hopefully, prices don’t increase on SV…again.

Has anyone had a chance to tase these? Love to hear some thoughts.
This comment was in the letter about Dr. Crane & would like more info as that is usually one of my favorites. “Beckstoffer Dr. Crane in 2016 will require time in bottle as the wine today is still tightly wound.”


My first time on the list was also last Fall release. Maxed out my allocation last year, and Realm said I would most likely receive an allocation of the Farella, Moonracer, and Houyi for this release, with an option to wishlist Dr. Crane and To Kalon.

But we’ll see for certain next week.

I bought first time during last fall. Got an email saying that I will have an allocation for the spring release.

I maxed out the allocation last fall as well (except Absurd, which I just couldn’t justify) and didn’t wishlist anything. Will be interesting to see what we are all offered on this one.

Has anyone seen ratings for this release. I’m on Vinous but don’t think they’ve rated Realm in the last few years.

Dr Crane - WA (100), JD (98)
To Kalon - WA (97), JD (100)
Farella - WA (97), JD (96)
Houyi - WA (95), JD (97)
Moonracer - WA (96), JD (96)
Cab Franc - WA (97), JD (100)

Depending on the pricing for the Farella, I would be a buyer. I love that site and Coombsville in general is on the way up.

I can get the other vineyard’s through other producers that I prefer more (To Kalon- MacDonald, Houyi- Nine Suns, Dr Crane- Memento Mori, Vice Versa)

I have not tasted the 16’s, but amoung the 2015 blends, Farella, and To-kalon, I thought the Bard was the best wine, by far. Just IMO.

Where did you find Jeb Dunnuck’s review of the 2016s yet. I cannot find it on his site.

He included it as part of an article right before the fall 2018 Realm release. I’m sure they will officially show up in the Napa 2016s which comes out tomorrow.

Good to know, thank you.

I get an email twice a year for the past 5 years from Realm which always shows a “0” next to my allocation. Can’t wait to get another email from them saying I get nothing. Yeah!!!:smiley:

I’m hopeful for you Gabe. If you at least get an offer for some Fidelio, I recommend snatching them up. It’s an incredible SauvBlanc.

I had it at the winery with one of their partners Juan. Possibly the best Napa SB I’ve ever had. Would love to get a bottle or two!

i would call or email them. Sounds like some kind of computer glitch. I got my first offer last year only a couple months after joining the wait list.