Upcoming Napa Trip - Particular wines to taste at these wineries?

I will be in Napa in mid-October and have great visits lined up. Looking for suggestions from the board for particular wines to ask to taste (understanding that they have no obligation to accommodate any request, particularly with respect to older vintages). I also welcome any feedback as to whether or not it is appropriate to make such requests. Wineries with * are ones that are new to me.
Here is my list
Myriad/Mike Smith
Vice Versa
Nine Suns
Memento Mori
Seven Apart*
Arrow & Branch*

Thanks pileon

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Here are a few suggestions based on palate preference and recent tastings:

TOR - Vine Hill Ranch
Rivers-Marie - Herb Lamb
Vice Versa - BTK, Crane, Beatrix
Memento Mori - Flagship, LPV, Crane
Kinsman-Eades - whatever Shae is pouring
Arrow & Branch* - Right Bank, Crane, Cab Franc
Bevan - Dr. Crane, Sentinel, Harbison, EE


I’ve extensive experience with only Rivers Marie & Bevan on your list, just a bottle here or there of some others on your list.

Rivers Marie-
The Chards and Pinots are special, particularly the Thieriot Chard, Summa & Silver Eagle pinots (imo). One of my favorite meals last year was a Duck L’Orange paired with their Summa, was heavenly.
The one Rivers Marie cab I keep coming back to is the Lore (new name: Oakville Terrace). If I had to choose, I’d buy one Lore over two Napa Valley bottles (and I like their NV bottle).

I think Bevan makes one of the best Sauv Blancs in CA, theirs is from Bennet Valley.
The Tench Cab bottlings are all pretty special IMO (Tench, EE & Calixtro). I’ve also really enjoyed the SugarLoaf as they’ve aged (merlot, cab franc blend).


Is requesting an unlisted, older/specific vintage of wine at a tasting room a thing? I’ve never done it, have always tried what they are willing to pour.

I think most would be reluctant to open an older bottle for a special requested taste - what would you expect them to do with the rest of the bottle?

I’m sure its winery dependent, and of course your prior purchase history factors in, but if they know you are a supporter of their brand (or that you potentially could place a nice order with them), I’m sure that most wineries would be willing to share an older vintage with you.

As for what’s left of the bottle after you leave, I’m pretty sure it’ll be put to good use, and that they wont flush it down the drain :slight_smile:

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It never hurts to ask. If you are a good and known customer, you might get lucky especially if they have something open but not finished. Sometimes something special might get opened new. Talking to them, having some knowledge and being friendly helps. The worst that can happen is they say “no”.

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Not to sidetrack your post… But, will be up in Napa in a couple of weeks. Looking to try some new wineries. Will be stopping at Carter and Myriad and want to add a third. Was interested in the wineries below. However, not looking to add another $200 winery. What are the price points of the wineries below. Thank you!

Nine Suns
Seven Apart
Arrow & Branch

I believe that some of the Arrow & Branch wines are more in the $100 range - the others are more in the $200+ range

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Agree with this. Was tasting at Saxum a few years back and asked how the 2005 extended age James Berry was tasting. Justin said let’s find out and opened one up! Decided I would hold it until 2025.

It’s Napa.
You will take what you are given, like it, and be on your way after surrendering your $75 tasting fee.


Take it and like it

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$75, bargain!

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I will happily taste whatever I am offered from these wineries [cheers.gif]

I’m pretty sure you can still taste both Kinsman and VV at Wheeler Farms (plus a handful of others produced at Wheeler).

Curious about the Wheeler tasting. Which tasting is it that includes Kinsman and VV?

Called Detert, and will try to make that my third stop. But, interested for future reference in the Wheeler tasting.

Just got back and my favorite by far was Seven Apart. Their tasting room opened at the beginning of October and is beautiful! They really made our tasting special, offering four wines with a lovely cheese plate. We were not charged but I have purchased via their allocation system and did buy some at the tasting. I found of the seven wineries I visited (weekend trip), all that charged waived the fees if you purchased.

Nice! I only see one wine, a cab, on their website. What else are they making?