Unlabeled Red Blends

[thankyou.gif] I am a wine snob… no not that kind… I buy collections that are put in storage. Many are 70s-80s vintage top Napa labels and some French Chateau vintages. That said I have a 100+ Unlabeled Case lot Circa 2007-2009. My only clue is: “MARINOVINO” and some Cab or Z for Zin markings in marking pen. These are very tasty. Love to discover the creators. My information has some clues but not enough to pin this down. San Franciso Bay area find and Diablo Valley Paper boxes (Pleasanton).

Any markings on the bottle?

Zero, No Just the usual raised dots in the glass around the base of the bottom rim. Some basic numbers in the bottom but nothing significant. The boxes are Diablo Valley Paper products (Pleasanton CA.) Came from a Morgan Hill abandoned property Auction. 3 types of Cabernet bottles high shoulder normal neck “Green”, Lower shoulder (Slightly) higher neck "Brown glass"and one in between that is amber. then a standard Pinot or Chardonnay shape bottle in green glass. The boxes have a date of 08/13/07 and some O9. A number are marked C or C+Z and some have the Marino vino sticker on them and are marked C+Z. Thats what I have. they were from a wealthy woman who owned minor league sports teams and was in that industry. The Cabs taste like a quality Blend or Meritage or a fine Opus One quality Cabernet.

Nice. Post some pictures?
I assume the corks are unbranded as well…

If they’re commercial wine, there should be a winery’s bond number stamped on the boxes.

Home made?

That was my thought, too.

Taste it and guess? Or let Rudy K have a glass in his cell and see what he thinks - herd he was a master blender?