Unfinished Bottles of Booze

Doing some spring cleaning, and I’m find some half full (I’m that kind of guy) bottles that I forgot about. An open Weller 12 bourbon, a Corazon “Van Winkle” tequila, a 23 year rum, etc. I had put them away for safe keeping–and they were too safe!

What are some bottles that you found/forgot about after opening?

And I’m not talking about the stuff you WANTED to forget…

I recently found a small stash of mid '90s release scotch buried behind a bunch of bourbon that were all about midway finished. Lagavulin 16, Royal Lochnagar, Michel Couvert, Singleton, Macallan 12, a few others. Been sipping on them all since and they all stood up well.

My rule of thumb is once a bottle gets down to 2 fingers finish up, otherwise it should be fine.

I can happily say I’ve never run into this. All my stuff is in the same cabinet and nothing has ever been out of sight. Some get more love than others, but I am always aware of it’s existence. [cheers.gif]

Earlier this year I finally got around to drinking a bottle of Mortlach 16 I had brought back from a trip to Scotland in 2001. Not unopened, but languished for 16 years.

I had few bottles of generic booze that came out of my mom’s house. She used to write dates on things with a sharpie. Some of those bottles were from the 70s.