undervalued but not for long? (edited)

Not sure if everyone wants to give away their secrets/ speculations, but I thought this might be useful.

What wines do you think you should stock up on now as you think they are going to jump in price?

I stocked up on 3 wines that I thought were on very good vintages and because I thought that after the past few vintages they were bound to go up in price

I am sure this first one isn’t enlightening anyone but I stocked up on

2016 PdB Barbaresco
2017 Altos Las Hormigas Gualtallary malbec.
2015 Cortonesi Brunello di Montalcino La Mannella

Edit: I am not referring to “investment worthy” wines. I am referring to wines that you think might see a ~20-40% increase over the next 4-5 vintages. The idea is to see what people think is undervalued, but is starting to get some “deserved” appreciation. Feel free to mention $15 bottles that you think will jump to $21 while other $15 bottles shift only up to $17.

You honestly think an Argentine Malbec is going to jump in price?

These are pretty obvious if you spend some time on here. Chassagne reds, Northern Rhône in general, I’m not really going to be more specific than that as you’re perfectly capable of using search and there’s a thread near the top of new posts about one of these producers.

Well the producer may jack the price in an attempt to attract buyers who determine quality via the price tag. [cheers.gif]

Pdb normale also about 25k produced per year.

Need to find wines with much lower production if they’re going to significantly appreciate. The only heavily produced wines that might appreciate are champagne; I.e Krug 164.

That’s always true.

I just hoped that here in WB people could look beyond the price tag. [wink.gif]

Wasenhaus, Bellen, Spätburgunder.

First vintage was 2016. The price already went up a bit for the 2018. Limited amount and made in a very Burgundian style which should have its following.

But don’t we all want to find that special producer before it will blow up. My friends and I call this: finding the new Overnoy (Pierre).

Nope. I’d rather the producers I like and regularly buy stay affordable and purchasable in multi case quantities.

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Haha you are so right! I phrased it in the wrong way.

Sounds crazy, but I actually do. Between tariffs/distributors incentives, climate change and mainly the quality of that specific wine. I don’t care for malbecs, and this is the only one I really drink. It drinks way better than a $40 can get me just about anywhere else and if the quality stays near as high as the past 2 vintages, it’s hard to imagine to keep getting this steal for too long.

Different wines, but I had the 2016 one day next to the 2015 Luis Seabra Xisto Cru, and the malbec was the one I kept wanting more of. 6 hour slow ox for each of them. I dont really drink malbec, so correct me if I am wrong, but it is pretty rare to find a malbec that could benefit from a 6 hour slow ox.

Um, any old-school Cahors?

Never had any. Any specific to recommend?

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75000 cases produced, better stock up before it sells out.

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I’m going to take a more general approach to this question and state that IMHO Oregon Pinot Noir is grossly underpriced as a category. I believe we may start to see a more rapid rise in pricing here than in most other categories as these wines are more broadly discovered and appreciated.

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Better start fixing that up. Drinking Argentine Malbec if never having drunk any Cahors is like drinking Italian Pinot Grigio without ever tasting Alsatian Pinot Gris. [stirthepothal.gif]

Any specific to recommend?

Combel la Serre is a producer that makes wines that just scream for breathing in a decanter; young wines can be very closed and backward for several hours after opening.

I’ve enjoyed the pure, unadulterated style of Fabien Jouves/ Mas del Perie. Cosse-Maisonneuve makes also some very brooding, dead-serious stuff. These are all young upstarts, but making wine in the very traditional sense - whereas many producers that have been making wine there for a long time have shifted their style towards a more polished, modern, even somewhat Parkerized style.


I think 75k cases might be the total production of a different wine they make or all of them. The fact that they are selling so much of their cheap malbecs also is a factor in why I think their Gualtallary will go up though. In 2016 they produced only 10k bottles of Gualtallary from what I see. Could not find a definitive number for the 2017 though.

depressing that Parker had that effect, but I blame more the fact that he had too many followers rather than the normal human biases he had.

trying to grab a few of these Cahors now. Thanks


Which one? Or both?

And seeing how they are among some of the priciest examples of the region, I wouldn’t call them undervalued. However, that is not to say they couldn’t increase in the price in the future if more people find 'em.

Francois. Expensive in region but massively cheap vs eg white burgundy of similar quality.