Uncorked on Netflix

I guess I know what I will be doing tonight: The Making of Netflix’s 'Uncorked,' the New Movie with Serious Wine Chops | Wine Spectator

I’m a sucker for all wine related films and books (good and bad) so I’m pumped to watch this tonight.

in my cue as well.

Cool. Thanks for posting

Yes something worth watching on Netflix.

Been waiting since the trailer came out!

I know what I’m watching this weekend

I couldnt watch this. Not my cup of wine.

I wonder what the Kanye West / Pinot Grigio comparison is supposed to say about Kanye West…

Trailer looked interesting. I’m in.

Billiards anyone?

Not in my queue.

Comparing Pinot Grigio to Kanye West is unfair. I’ve had some decent Pinot Grigio. It’s not utterly lacking in value.

Just watched it, for me mom and dad stole the show.Other than there interplay C.

Just about to hit play … when a full glass of 2015 Chateau La Nerthe Chateauneuf-Du-Pape

Also about to hit play with a glass of 2016 Greer. Giddy the F up!

Just finished it; wasn’t too bad. Did I see Drew Brees as a a Co Exec Producer?

Decent film as far as wine goes. Otherwise I felt like it was quite touching. Did bother me a bit that the conclusion of a blind tasting was always down to the specific producer and site… a little too unrealistic in that regard

Felt after the movie like I wanted BBQ more than wine

Watched it last night. Enjoyed it. Agree that the desire for bbq was very strong after.

The rating is TV-MA. Are there any parts I should be worried about watching with my 13 year old daughter? We’re Memphis based so would love to watch this as a family.

I wouldn’t watch it with a 13 year old. There are some scenes that are not appropriate for children. Just my opinion.

Will watch uncorked over the next week or two. Here’s a list of some good movie options for March (including Uncorked):