To the Berserker family – UN GRAND MERCI! We at Ansonia had high expectation for our first Berserker Day, and they were completely shattered. We’re so pleased so many of you picked up our trios, and we can’t wait to hear how you enjoy them.

We’re calling it a day on the trios, but we’re extending the sitewide discount for the weekend (through 11:59pm EST Sunday 1/30). Use BD13 for 10% off anything on the site (samplers, pre-orders, & glassware excluded). Scroll down for highlights from our portfolio.

Many thanks again for all your support, we can’t wait for BD14 in 2023!


Ansonia Wines is Mark and Tom Wilcox, father and son wine merchants. We import and sell small batch French wines from winemakers we know. We’re based outside Boston, but ship to most places in the US.

“For wine consumers who love history and storytelling, Ansonia Wines delivers.” – Forbes.com

We work with winemakers around France, but Burgundy is the focus and majority of our portfolio. We stock around 200 Burgundies, most of which are $25-$100, with vintages back to 2005.

Outside Burgundy, we offer wines from the Rhône Valleys, Bordeaux, Loire Valley, Champagne, Alsace, and more.

Scroll down past the offer for a list of producers.

We’re excited about our first Berserker Day! We’re offering four new regional trios, two luxury Burgundy trios, and a sitewide discount. All six 3-packs ship for free (except NH, UT, HI, AK), and all website orders ship for free (12+ bottles east of Chicago, 24+ west of Chicago).



BOYER-MARTENOT Meursault “Narvaux” 2019
“a domaine that’s quietly on the rise” – William Kelley, WA
Burghound 90-92: Outstanding, “almost painful intensity… excellent depth… an impressive Narvaux”

JEAN COLLET Chablis 1er “Forets” 2019
“the potential here is very great” – William Kelley
Burghound 89-92: “elegant, pure and layered…delicious and vibrant flavors”

BOHRMANN St-Aubin 1er cru “En Remilly” 2019
(no critical reviews, relatively unknown producer; an exciting recent find)

>>> WHITE BURGUNDY TRIO: $166 $125 (free shipping)



MICHEL GROS Nuits-St-Georges 2017
“I’ve been enjoying his wines since the late 1990s.” - Neal Martin, Vinous
Burghound: “velvety and utterly delicious”

PIERRE AMIOT Morey-St-Denis 1er “Ruchots” 2017
“Quietly excellent wines” – Bill Nanson, Burgundy Report
Burghound: “energetic and velvet-textured”

BELLAND Santenay 1er cru “Gravieres” 2019
“one of the most important domaines in this sector” – Jasper Morris
Burghound 92: (Outstanding) “finely textured… silky…impressively long finish. This is lovely"

>>> RED BURGUNDY TRIO: $208 $150 (free shipping)


BONNEFOND Côte Rôtie “Rochins” 2018
“2018s… are the single most impressive set of bottlings that I have had here” – Josh Raynolds, Vinous
Vinous 96pts: “impressively concentrated but surprisingly energetic”

DUMIEN-SERRETTE Cornas “Patou” 2018
Wines of “granitic splendor” and “beguiling floral elegance” – Simon Field, MW
Jeb Dunnuck 93-95: “rockingly good wine… straight-up classic juice well worth seeking out”

DE BOISSEYT St-Joseph “Izeras” 2018
“an estate on the rise” – Wine Advocate
Jeb Dunnuck 91: “beautiful… nicely textured…elegant”

>>> NORTHERN RHONE TRIO: $179 $125 (free shipping)



PIERRE ANDRÉ Châteauneuf-du-Pape 2018
The original biodynamic CDP domaine, organic 1980, Demeter 1992
Decanter 95: “remarkably vibrant… round and generous with gorgeous freshness.”

GOUBERT Gigondas “Florence” 2018
“A reference point for high quality Gigondas” – Robert Parker
Dunnuck 92-94: “beautiful …medium body, a tight, focused texture… and a great finish”

CLOS DU JONCUAS Gigondas 2018
an under-the-radar, old-school organic source in Gigondas
biodynamic, 100% whole clusters, ambient yeast, no oak

>>> SOUTHERN RHONE TRIO: $146 $99 (free shipping)



BOYER-MARTENOT Puligny-Montrachet 1er cru “Cailleret” 2018
“a domaine that’s quietly on the rise” – William Kelley, WA
William Kelley 93: “ fleshy and structured, with fine depth… this is a highlight this year”

BELLAND Meursault 1er Santenots 2019
[/b]“one of the most important domaines in this sector” – Jasper Morris
Burghound 91: (Outstanding) “rich and generous… nicely balanced”

COLLET Chablis Grand Cru “Valmur” 2019
“the potential here is very great indeed” – William Kelley, WA
Neal Martin, Vinous 92: "classy and refined…an attractive Valmur
Jasper Morris 91-94 "muscular character…grand cru intensity

>>> WHITE BURG HIGH-END TRIO: 342 $275 (free shipping)



MICHEL GROS Vosne-Romanée 1er cru “Aux Brûlées” 2017
“I’ve been enjoying his wines since the late 1990s.” - Neal Martin, Vinous
Burghound 90-92: “refined and precise… long and well-balanced”
Neal Martin, Vinous 90-92: “Certainly one of Gros’s better wines in 2017”

BOURSOT Chambolle-Musigny 1er cru “Fuées” 2016
[/b]“The foundation for a promising future” - Neal Martin, Vinous
“A domaine to keep an eye on…” - Bill Nanson, Burgundy Report
Neal Martin, Vinous 91: “a superb Chambolle-Musigny with great tension… Excellent.”

VAROILLES Gevrey-Chambertin 1er cru “La Romanée 2016”
Burghound 90-92: “sleekly textured, refined and lingering”

>>> RED BURG HIGH-END TRIO: 368 $295 (free shipping)



Use code BD13 for 10% off all wine inventory on our site, AnsoniaWines.com (samplers, Glassware, and Futures/pre-orders excluded)

Côte de Nuits: Amiot, Boursot, Gros, Varoilles
Côte de Beaune: Thomas Morey, Ravaut, Thomas, Prunier
Maconnais/Chalonnais/Beaujolais: Desvignes, Maillet, Monnet, Picamelot, Forces Telluriques
Chablis: Collet, Gautheron
N Rhone: Bonnefond, Dumien-Serrette, Tunnel, Saint-Clair
S Rhone: Andre, Mestre, Goubert, Joncuas
Champagne: Bardoux, Robin
Loire: Sanzay, Garenne, Michot, Paget

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13th order of the day gets a free pair of Grassl Versatiles.

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We’ll be live chatting on our site for most of the day, feel free to reach out with any questions or just to say salut! If we’re away, email tom@ansoniawines.com

We’re thrilled to participate in our first Berserker Day – happy shopping!


We ship via FedEx. All samplers (including BD trios) ship for free, except to HI, AK, UT, and NH. For non-sampler orders from the rest of the website, shipping is free for 12+ bottle orders to addresses East of Chicago (inclusive), and 24+ bottle orders West of Chicago.

We generally ship every week or every other week.

Local (Boston area) customers can pick up by appointment, or during our regular 10am-2pm Saturday pickup hours.

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Had a great experience ordering from Tom a few months ago. Buy with confidence.

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Thanks David! Glad you enjoyed the wines.

I had the good fortune to taste quite a few of these wines. I ended buying the White Burgundy package so I could try all those wines. Tom graciously sent along a couple other wines to try as well.

2019 Domaine Bohrmann Puligny-Montrachet “Grand Champs”
The Grand Champs vineyard lies just east and downhill from the Premier Cru Clavaillon.
Initially reticent nose of lemons, pears, and hazelnuts. Over time, the lemons became more prominent and shifted more toward Meyer rather than Eureka. On the palate, the wine showed lots of lemon and lemon curd, a good acid backbone, medium body, no noticeable oak, and a very nice mid-palate and finish. This has the tension and breed of a very good village-level Puligny-Montrachet. 13.5% ABV

2018 Boyer-Martenot Meursault “Les Narvaux”
This wine opens with an aroma of Granny Smith apples, pie spices, and walnuts, with lemons becoming more prevalent as the wine opened up. On the palate, the wine showed a high level of tension, with lemons in the forefront, good body and a very nice finish. This was a hard wine to put down. It was constantly inviting the drinker to take another sip. I would have liked to see a little more depth, but for a village level Meursault, it acquitted itself very well. 13% ABV

2019 Jean Collet & Fils Chablis 1er Cru “Vaillons”
Classic Chablis, with aromas of citrus (primarily lemons), green apples, and ocean breezes. On the palate, concentrated lemon/citrus flavors, with a hint of seashell. Excellent concentration, medium body with an excellent mid-palate and a great finish. Collet uses little to no oak, so the fruit shows clearly. A great example of a Premier Cru Chablis. Of the three White Burgundies that I tasted, this was my favorite. 12.5% ABV

2018 Bonnefond Cote Rotie “Cote Rozier”
Aroma of black cherry, vanilla, black pepper, clove, and black tea. On the palate, granite, bramble, and red fruit. Some tannins, and oak became more prevalent with time. Good balance, with a nice midpalate and finish. This wine begs for food and would benefit from a couple of years in the cellar. 14.5% ABV

2018 De Boisseyt Saint Joseph “Izeras”
Aromas of blackberries, blueberries, bramble, with a touch of funk. On the palate, savory, but in your face sweet black fruit, with some fig, vanilla, sea salt and stems. Plush, rich, and full bodied. The concentration of fruit makes the wine taste slightly sweet, though it finishes dry. Not an AFWE wine! 15% ABV

2018 Domaine Pierre Andre Chateaunuef-du-Pape
Blueberries and characteristic grenache aromas with a little steminess. On the palate, clean, plush, dark fruits, minerals, and stems. Balance is achieved through very fine-grained tannins rather than acids. Good mid-palate, with the tannins giving the wine a balanced finish. Not a real in-your-face wine, but quite good. I’d like to see a little more concentration from a CdP. 14.5% ABV

2017 Domaine Michel Gros Chambolle Musigny
Aromatic raspberries, dark cherries, black raspberries, and a little funk that blew off in about 10 minutes. Mouth-filling black cherry flavors on the palate. Great balance, smooth, elegant, great mouthfeel, fantastic finish. No apparent oak, nor anything else out of place. A complete wine and one of the best Pinot Noirs I’ve had recently. I had hoped to hold some of this over to try the next day, but the bottle disappeared way too easily. 13% ABV

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I’m in for the White Burgs (already a happy Ansonia customer, too).


Pierre Amiot? Sold. Always happy to purchase through Ansonia.

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order in. Thanks, guys!

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Order placed! Can’t wait. Thanks!

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wow. I literally did not make it past the very 1st offer.

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I got the nod to try out Ansonia’s offerings, as a burgundy/n. rhone collector it’s not the easiest surprising me but I was SURPRISED INDEED. I didn’t even see the pricing that Ansonia was offering for BD… now looking at it. WOW WHAT A FREAKING DEAL. The White burgundy trio is a GLARING deal to me. Also love the info cards that come with the orders that talk about the producer and wine you’re having.

2018 Boyer Martenont Meursault Narvaux - First time with this producer. Opened it with my brother who is also a burg nut. The wine is packed with richness and wonderful lemon notes with ample salinity on the back end. Not the teeth ripping acidity of the current trend of meursault, but a well balanced and delicious wine especially in a vintage like 2018 that’s much warmer. Very impressed. Especially for the price O_O. That white burgundy trio pricing is throwback pricing for yesteryear.

2017 Michel Gros Chambolle Musigny - Very familiar with Michel Gros but hadn’t had a chance to try anything past 2015. Ample lush sweet red fruit, brimming with minerality. You know what they say about 2017s, ready to drink and ready to please!

2018 Bonnefond Cote Rotie Rozier - VERY impressive cote rote - first time with the producer but now officially on the radar. A well put together modern style cote rotie, in the same vein as Xavier Gerard. Concentrated dark fruit with ample exotic spice and lilies. This has the stuffing to really go the distance I feel.

2018 Pierre Andre CDP - not a huge CDP fan normally but woah this is really vibrant- was not expecting it, thought it’d be much riper and glossy. The fruit is present and clean

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Order in for 2 red 3-packs but c fu is making me think about going back and adding the whites…

In for white Burgundy!

anddddd I had to go back for a S. Rhone pack…

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Is this YVES Boyer-Martenot?

I agree – almost 35 percent of my cellar came from Ansonia. champagne.gif

It’s especially nice if you can pick up at the depot. Small but really awesome staff working there on the pick-up/tasting days.


In for the N. Rhone 3 pack!

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You can’t go wrong here, folks. Ansonia is the real deal. Somehow I found Ansonia through a Cellar Tracker search many years ago, and I couldn’t believe they were just a short drive from home. I came to wine later in life, and to Ansonia as a 99% red drinker in search of No. Rhone Syrah. Over the following years I spent countless hours in their Newton Warehouse tasting, learning and chatting about wine and life in general with Tom, Mark, Isaiah and scores of their customers and before I knew it, they had made a burgundy believer out of me, red of course, but surprisingly white even more so. Their Saturday tastings are not to be missed if you’re in the area. Great people, great wine, unmatched customer service, what are you waiting for?!? Buy with confidence! :slight_smile:


In for a northern Rhone and a white burgundy.

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In for a red trio!

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Thanks Charlie! Thrilled to hear you enjoyed the wines. [cheers.gif]