Umbria and Emilia Romagna?

Planning some trips to Emilia Romagna and Umbria later this year, 1-2 nights in each region. I have never stayed there, only driven though the regions in my car.

Any good tourist spots to see, also winery and restaurants recommendations please.

Thanks for any reply.



Paolo Bea, Tabarrini, Dionigi and Rocca di Fabbri in Montefalco for sure, Bonzara, Tenuta Uccellina, Monticino Rosso and Podere dal Nespoli in E-R (plus be SURE to seek out some good Lambrusco!).

In Umbria I went to Arnaldo Caprai and had a great time and a great tasting

Thanks Roberto and Eric, will look for it [worship.gif]

Stayed in Parma for one night, really great food and a couple of impressive sights - church and bapistry. In Umbria, I liked Orvieto, wish I had hit hill towns like Spoleto but wife got too woozy on the curvy roads.