UK Banning Boiling Lobster

Lobster sushi is on another level, as the lobster moves and watches while being gradually chopped and eaten alive. Worse than a slow-motion gallows treatment.

If a lobster, I would prefer a sudden death.

Do they still allow foie gras?

The production of foie gras in the UK is illegal, on animal cruelty grounds, but the country still imports around 200 tonnes of the product each year. The product is then sold by a select number of high-end retailers and delis throughout the country. …

What about people who stuff themselves in similar manner? [wow.gif]

Takes only a few seconds to put a knife through the head before placing in the water.

Maybe the officials envisioned the boiled-frog method.

have you actually had lobster sushi prepped for you before? The lobster is killed before it’s diced up.

Not for me, but for a dinner companion. It was served alive. Brutal.

Is steaming OK?

Only in tandem with live frogs.

Victor had the monkey brain.

Just FYI, the chain ganglia (aka central nervous system) is more near the throat than the head

What do you think the man is made out of, money?!?!?!

Call me Noodle Shop Tip Jar.

Better stock up on Roach Motel while you still can.

With a knife jab to the ‘brain’ which kills the lobster prior to preparing it to eat. The lobster’s extremities don’t know that it is dead, so they wave around a bit while the tail is devoured. When I was a poor law student, the great Los Angeles Japanese restaurant Tokyo Kaikan’s sushi chefs rotated from their location in Japan. They taught me how to eat sushi correctly and when high rollers would order ‘live’ lobster sushi, they would always snag a few bites for me on the sly. A bit creepy with the antennae waiving around, but quite delicious.

There are a limited number of laws - seven - that Jews are permitted to impose on non-Jews as badges of civilized existence. One of the seven is that you are forbidden to eat the flesh of an animal that is still alive. It is considered so fundamental that it is considered to be a foundation principle of civilized society.

Again, the organ that controls the nervous system of a lobster is a ganglia (which is composed of multiple ganglion), none of which are in the head. A quick jab to the head of lobster is not where the “brain” is and will just make it blind, not be able to digest food, and lose control of the antennae. If you want to practice ikejime with lobster–it is the subesophageal ganglion and thoracic ganglia that you need to cut. They are on the bottom of the animal, what you would think of as the throat and stomach areas:

Uh, oh, I admit to eating oysters.

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