Txakoli ???

Maybe this should be in the Garagiste thread but…

What I love about this “hobby” of mine (or is it an addiction) is finding new varietals.

I have never heard of Txakoli and am doing a bit of research.

Any advice on the wine - and specifically what Rimmerman is touting today?

2009 J.I. Etxeberria D.O. Gatariako “Bengoetxe” Txakoli #3 - $13.96
2009 J.I. Etxeberria D.O. Gatariako “Bengoetxe” Txakoli #4 - $16.98

Love this quirky, Spanish white! Also known and sold as “txakolina”.

It’s bone-dry, slightly fizzy and begs for salty snacks, seafood and a hot summer day.

I’m not familiar with the producers below, but I love the regular txakolina from Ameztoi and especially their rose called “rubentis”.


Bone dry and Yummy!

I LOVE the Rubentis. The variety in question is actually Hondarrabi Zuri and also Hondarrabi Beltza. The appellations are Bizkaiko Txakolina and Getariako Txakolina. And yeah, these things rock!

Just ordered some.
Always fun to try new things.
And great that others can chime in.

I think Riesling is permitted there as well.

Ted - my problem with most of them is that they cost too much for what they deliver. We have been looking for one to bring in for a few years, but I’m tasting a Muscatdet or a Vinho Verde that hits the shelf at under $15 and when I taste one of the Basque wines, it’s five or ten dollars more. If you’re bringing in more than a few cases - and people are still just discovering them, that’s a good way to end up with a lot of unsold wine in the warehouse. Not an knock to the wines at all - like I said, I like them in general. But it’s a reason there aren’t more in the US.

If you can get some octopus, you will be happy. Fast, hot, salt, pepper, lemon…

Ted - thanks for starting this thread. Popped for a couple of each, not that I needed them, but … My principal use for Garagiste is just this, something completely new (to me).

Asimov wrote these wines up in his NYT column last week, so there are some reviews and a bit of background there.

Not sure about that, but I know that Gros Manseng and Petit Manseng are permitted, but go under local names.

Had a bottle of the 08 Rubentis Rose a few weeks back with my wine group. Enjoyed by all. Pink/orange, slightly off dry, nice spritz, some strawberry, but mostly minerality. Would buy it again. Chambers in NYC recently received a shipment of at least 4 different wines from this region from the 09 vintage. Some left.

Agree for the most part about the pricing, which is mostly because they are so popular locally and relatively scarce to begin with very little leaves Spain. I call it ‘Vinho Verde for a special occasion’ in our store because, as pleasing as Vinho Verde can be, good Txakoli does take it to the next level, like the difference between a good Village designated Burgundy and a 1er Cru. Wish there was more to be had, but that’s part of the charm.

Which does VWW carry, Matt? (Am I allowed to ask that?)

PM coming…