Two white burgs and a ringer

These wines were not tasted blind, but drank serially Thurs night with a friend in our garden. The 2016 Hubert Lamy St. Aubin En Remilly had been coravined earlier in the week; the 2014 PYCM La Pucelle was opened at dinner; I pulled the 2017 Goodfellow Ribbon Ridge from the cellar when we wanted more to drink. The differences in when they were opened no doubt played a part in how each wine showed, though the first two were followed in the glass for at least an hour, the Goodfellow less. (It was also coravined, since we each wanted only last glass.)

Definitely an interesting comparison. The Lamy is a smashing wine. It shows tremendous purity and cut, white fruit, with a huge swoosh of lemon and acid coming in on the midpalate and carrying through on the long finish, has a slightly lemon custardy aspect. The PYCM was more of a bomb–denser, slightly more yellow fruited, arguably not as well delineated, but rich with matchstick in the nose and in the finish (reduction), which goes on and on especially dor a village wine. Almost like some Batards I’ve drunk. I’ve loved this bottling since I first had it and must have drunk 2/3 of a case since release, which is rare for me. The Goodfellow, finally was somewhere in between, also some matchstick, but nice delineation, clarity, with some very lovely, yet still tight notes of perhaps white peach showing up on the palate upon opening. It somehow reads as the simplest of the three wines right now, but that may well be due to its youth and less time with air. On its own, it would have been outstanding, and together, the three showed as cutting edge, truly lovely wines.

Cool stuff! Had the 2017 of that Lamy and liked it a lot, although I found the citrus to be more on the grapefruit side. Great purity and really volumous finish.

Lovely! Glad you’re enjoying this time when friends.

Lamy is creeping up in price. But his St Aubins still represent some of the best value in white Burgundy. Very consistent and unfussy wines.

Interesting about the grapefruit, Tomás,
Voluminous sounds like the right adjective to me.

These weren’t too bad, Matt, if I recall. I myself haven’t found them all that consistent, but it may be when and where I’ve drunk them. Some of them, especially the lower-end bottlings, Les Chataigniers, I’ve been disappointed by. But this bottle was certainly singing and I have a couple of the high density bottlings, Derrière Chez Edouard, which I am looking forward to opening.

One friend, Andrew, but it’s a start:)