Two under the radar gems from Cali

Haven’t posted tasting notes in a long time (had plenty of reasons too!), but figured it would be more beneficial to talk about wines you probably haven’t heard of.

2015 Sonria Rutherford River Ranch Sauvignon Blanc- I love Cali Sauv Blanc, and my favorites are Bevan, Realm, Larkmead and Hourglass (for context), but my wallet…not as much. I’ve been dying to find something that had the texture and precision that these do, but at a lower price, and I finally found it! For $25 a bottle, I easily bought a case. A little grassiness, not too tropical, but fresh and clean, with just enough texture to really make this a superb value. The wife flipped out for it as well, I may have to grab another case before it gets too hot to ship. Back story is the winemaker for this project is Keith Emerson of Vineyard 29 and Emerson Brown. He’s been killing it, and deserves more credit. I was floored when I tasted 2013 Vineyard 29 Aida. It was out of this world. If you love MACDONALD and Detert, the 2013 Aida is definitely in your wheelhouse (although it’s $250 a bottle…but still, it’s epic).

2014 Raen Royal St. Robert Pinot Noir- This is the Pinot project for Carlo and Dante Mondavi. I was shocked to only see 4 hits for the word “Raen” on WB. This is simply tremendous. Close your eyes, and I would swear this was Chevillon Perrieres or Roncieres. The structure and precision of this is outrageous, and shows a lot of aging potential. It has a pretty firm backbone, so those looking for a more feminine Pinot, this isn’t for you. Not cheap at $60 a bottle, but I will be grabbing more without hesitation.

Where is the Raen pinot from? I know I could look it up, but I figure others might want to know as well.

Good job with the notes. I love to see this kind of enthusiasm. Keep 'em coming.

Sonoma Coast. Missed that :wink:

Not much I can post about like these lately. I get beat to the punch quite a bit :wink:

Careful Ian—before long, you’ll be relied upon as Florida Jim and Tom Hill have been for these nuggets. And then where will you be? [grin.gif]

Great post, thanks!



I’d be flattered if that happened :wink:

BTW, I forgot to post, the alcohol on the Raen was 13.3.

So it’s kind of an acid Raen?

That was awful. I may ban myself for a few days for that one.

That was indeed a groaner. Wish I had thought of it first!! :slight_smile: