Two spare case shippers in LAX area

Wondering if anyone might have two extra cases shippers near the LAX area.
In town this week and needed to facilitate another CC transaction.
Thanks for considering! [cheers.gif]

Sure, guessing 6-pack shippers? I literally look at planes take off and land all day from my office (sough of LAX), can bring some to work tomorrow and meet up.

Thanks very much.
I am actually looking for full 12-bottle case shippers if they are available.
Guess I could tape a few 6-bottle shippers together as well.
Thanks again!

I think I have one of those but let me check. Plenty of 6-packs though…

Carlos I will be at work tomorrow and can bring two 12 packs. I never throw em away. My office is a 1/2 mi from LAX.