Two Ripper '05's

Had a look at two excellent 2005 Nebbiolo on the weekend. The Arrivo more than held its own against the Giacosa. Sadly it is not made anymore.

2005 Bruno Giacosa Barbaresco Santo Stefano: A highly perfumed nose of decaying rose, smoke and sweet earth. It is fleshy and unctuous, with vinous sweetness and a hint of chocolatey development. Tannins are ripe and supportive and it is expansive with excellent length.

2005 Arrivo Nebbiolo (Adelaide Hills): Motoring along beautifully under screwcap. A fresh nose of mint, wild sage, cherries and rose petals. It has good flesh and depth of flavour. It has an engaging savoury edge and excellent cut with a long and highly-perfumed finish.

Nice comparison and agree those Arrivos were very good wines. They had quite serious structure and gravitas. I didn’t buy may 05 Barolo/Barbaresco but the ones I have tried have been very accessible.

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That’s funny James :slight_smile:
And we don’t get paid for it!!!

Opened an '04 Arrivo a couple of years back and while it showed well, I thought it might have been a little past its best. Are they still making wine as a quick search found a 2008 vintage but nothing more recent for sale?

I had a bottle of the 2002 Primo Estate Joseph Nebbiolo a couple of months back. My one and only bottle which I think might have been their first release as the vines were planted in 1998. I thought that I might have lost in the cellar for too long but it was remarkably good. Had a richness of fruit which spoke of Australia, yet a fragrance and fine tannins (still) that was true to Nebbiolo. Quite a treat and a real pleasure to drink.

Nothing wrong with a bit of gentle nationalism. As long as it doesn’t get unpleasant.

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