Two exceptional wines: 2002 Dhondt Champagne and 2006 Trapiche Vina Adriana Malbec

The Champagne gets better and better. Creamy, just the right acidity and perfect combination of fruit and brioche. 96 points

The Malbec is so aromatic that people from other tables commented that they can smell it from their tables. Of course was happy to share and amazingly a lady immediately mentioned that there is pommegranate in the wine. She was right, and there’s a lot more. The wine was poured through the Vinturin and it does make a difference. Without that contraption the wine shows much more intrusive tannins. 95 points

Hi Otto,

I assume that the 2002 Jose Dhondt bottling you are referring to is the “Mes Vieilles Vignes”. It is a great wine that I have had the pleasure to drink five or six times in the past year. It is a pity that his wines are not better known, as I think they are one of the finest examples of Cote de Blancs out there amongst the grower-recoltants. I have a strong suspicion that if he changed his labels (which are really more classic Burgundian in style than Champenois) he might find a wider audience, as a little glossy foil and a bit of artistic interpretation can go a long way in the world of Champagne. Commendations on your fine taste in bubbly.



That Dhondt '02 MVV is my favorite Champagne between $50 and $100 right now.

Yes John, that is the wine. I was lucky to clean up everything that was available on WS so I ended up with something like 1.5 cases of this wine. Now I only have 1/3 of that left.

But the credit goes to Brad B. who brought this grower to my attention. In 2002 the wine is simply fantastic.

PS And a big thank you goes to Neal M. who shared with me the location of 6 of those bottles. It’s nice to have friends all over this country.

Otto - nice note on a terrific wine.

If only there was still some 2002 left to buy. I still kick myself for not buying cases of this wine. The 04 is a nice effort, but nowhere near the wow, wow, wow factor of the 2002.