Tuscan Views on French Varieties

Obviously, Bordeaux and Rhone grape varieties have found homes in the various Tuscan regions - including places like Cortona and Bolghieri where they are the norm, rather than the exception. How divergent are the opinions of Tuscan producers about the legitimate usage of these grapes in their vineyards. Are Super-Tuscans as relevant as they were 10 years ago? Have more traditional producers been resurgent?

Good question. I honestly think that Super Tuscans are less relevant than before as subregions or appellations become more important. Plus, I find the super Tuscan thing so confusing because you often don’t understand what the wine is made of or the price point justification. I am more into appellations at the moment in Tuscany such as Bolgheri, Brunello di Montalcino and Chianti Classico.