Turn Your Kettle Grill Into A Pizza Oven

I don’t have one of these kettle grills anymore but if I did I might get one of these add-ons.

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Looks like a good way to retain heat…and easy access to the pie…gotta get one of those cool pizza slider in and out thingies on a long pole…ya know…those things.

Interesting… There’s a fella in San Francisco that has a rig that’s similar. He goes by the name Pizza Hacker.

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Thanks, John. I am going to pick one up.

I have a weber charcoal grill without the pizza attachment. I use a pizza stone and cook just the dough until it starts to brown and is just slightly undercooked. I take it off the grill, add the toppings and put in my oven under the broiler until the cheese starts to bubble. Makes great pizza.

BGE principle is similar and supposedly makes great pizza although I haven’t tried it on mine.