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Anyone raising any eyebrows at this new offer? Knowing Tegan is at the helm I’m very curious. $40/bottle

Vision: A modern reinterpretation of the “classic” Napa Cabernet from the 60’s & 70’s; moderate use of oak, lower in alcohol, etc. It is for this same reason the wine is bottled in the old-school flat bottomed Bordeaux bottles; not only is that what was originally used but it is also one of the “greenest” bottles available, due to its light weight & low density.

Vineyard: Single vineyard, organically farmed, gravelly alluvial fan. Vines are over 20 years old.

Elevage: All French oak, aged 18 months and bottled in March 2012. 60% used, 40% new, 10% barrel fermented

At $40 a bottle I bought 6. Why not. I was offered 3 cases. Long time on Oak but only 40% new


I did the same (was offered 2 cases).

Funny to see Turley of all wineries talking about green bottles. I wonder if it’s a sign of things to come?

No doubt. Hopefully they have the self-awareness not talk “green” about the shipping weight for this one bottle yet continue with the giant bottles for all the others.

Though if any one wine has a pretty deeply ingrained mental association with a certain bottle shape, it’s probably Turley. And Travaglini. I’d welcome the change, but it’s pretty hard to imagine Turley zin in Bordeaux bottles.

From a green standpoint there can’t be too much difference in the 2 bottles. Yes the zin bottles have more glass but you still have to melt the sand and the shipping weight cannot matter that much.


Would be very interesting to try this wine. Hopefully the winery will have them.

So was this a separate mailing list sign-up? I’ve been on the Turley list for 3ish years but didn’t get an offer for this.

I just got an email today. I don’t know about a paper mailer.


They’re also doing a white Zin for somewhere around $35. What’s happening at Turley? By coincidence we had their Charbono on Monday in honor of the storm and it was great.

I’d love to try that Cab. And here’s hoping they dump those stupid fat-ass bottles that don’t fit anywhere.

They were pouring it at the Turley pick up party in Paso this past weekend. I have no formal note on it (so I guess I am not adding much value), but I enjoyed it and thought it delivered at the price point.

AFAIK I did not sign up for a separate list to get this.

Still worthwhile info, thanks Brian.

Tegan is taking on the winemaking responsibility but I’m not completely clear on what that means, since Ehren is certainly still there.
Maybe I can get him to chime in on this thread to offer some clarification.

Both interesting and a bit weird. Cabernet, from Turley, “low alchohol?” In minimalist bottles. From Turley. “Single vineyard” from St. Helena, but not labeled as such. And the quantities, if you got the offer, are really high. I skipped the fall mailer, and was still offered 3 cases.

So count me intrigued. Turley’s non-Zinfandel bottlings are often the best stuff. I’m buying, I just haven’t figured out how much. Prolly not 3 cases.

Anyone had this?

I’ve only been on the Turley list for a year… I bought one release, passed on the most recent. Nothing yet on this but I’d be interested to try it.

Hmmm, will try and taste this soon.

Here’s a few more details, though its more about Christina Turley.

That’s all I found on the interwebs.

We tried this last week and I thought it was very enjoyable, it’s probably not for the BIG over the top style Cab lovers but definitely more old world-ish IMO and I think it’s worth every bit of the price. It’s kind of strange to see a new wine in an old style bottle and no punt.

I’ve been on the list about a year, bought 8-10 bottles/offer, but didn’t get an email about this. But I logged in to my account and see that I’m offered 24. So if you haven’t received an offer login and check it out. I wonder how much was made…seems it might be quite a bunch given the allocation sizes. I’m ordering, just not sure how many.

I never imagined that I’d be interested in any new Napa cab offering. But I’m in on this.

The last good Napa cabs in flat bottomed bottles that I can remember were 74 BV Private Reserve and 74 Heitz “Martha’s” along with maybe 70s era Caymus and Mayacamas. Coming from the Turley team, you just knew that this wine would have an “attitude”!