Turley Cabernet

Anyone tried the 2012 Cab ?

No, though from a recent I’ll Drink To That with Larry Turley, it sounds like those cab vines are going to get pulled up soon and replaced by zin.

That would be an interesting development and there was no hint of dissatisfaction in the release letter from Turley, not that I would expect anything overt from a release email. Parker thought the Cab was good at (85-87) points but the actual note was not too supportive of the effort and did harken back to Turley’s success with Zin and Petite Syrah as a better example of his efforts.

I tried their other Cab (under the one-off label) and was underwhelmed. Sadly, because I tend to love Turley’s stuff. Made me pass on this one. I’d prefer they plant more Zin and PS…

The price point is refreshing. Not sure if the same can said for the bottles…

Cameron Hughes Lot 432 is also Turley Cab. Albeit at $20/bottle.

Are you talking literally about the one off ‘label’?

The Label was actually a 2 off.

There’s a datapoint on CT as well, but I am having a hard time getting motivated to take action based on my experience with “The Label”.

From my understanding it is going to continue. I’ve heard rumblings about replanting, but when Christina was up last she seemed pretty confident in the 12’

They are just replanting some of the Cabernet vines to Zinfandel, not all of them.