Tulum (update added)

Heading to Tulum in a couple weeks for Noma. Any other food suggestions?

Noma Mexico was one of the best meals I have ever had. The translation of Mexican flavors was sensational.

You can see photos on my instagram:

I am very happy to be going back in May.

As for other places to eat in Tulum I was only able to try a few places because many restaurants were closed for Easter weekend.

This is what I was able to learn:

Hartwood - On my second trip down for Noma went to Hartwood. And I thought the food was excellent. If I ever go back to Tulum it will be first on my list.

Arca - Also closed. Recommended by a Noma chef. Never made it here but from what I heard it is worth try.

Kitchen Table - Recommended by one of the Noma somms. A little of the beat and path. Very good simple food cooked over a wood burning fire. I would go back.

The three above seem to be the best options.

I also went to Taqueria Honorio - authentic, excellent tacos. Go early as they close when the run out of food.

This time I went to a locals only type place called Chamico (although it was mentioned in the NY Times) and thought it was excellent.


Thank you.

Very interested to hear responses. leaving day after Easter to Rievera maya, and planned day in Tulum.

Two suggestions from one of the Noma chefs:

Arca and Honorio Tacos.

Doing more research and will update the thread.

We have been to Tulum twice.
Cetli is definitely the best restaurant there. It’s truly “home-made” food. You will need reservation as they are small. Other than that, we walked around and tried what the locals like.
Have fun.

Thank you. Did you also try Hartwood?

Just up the road in akumal is a place called que onda. Good Mexican/Italian fusion in the jungle. Not fancy but damn good

We didn’t try Hartwood as we stuck to traditional Mexican/Yucatan foods. My wife remembers that Hartwood was also highly recommended.

Update added in first post.

Great photos, Robert. Looks to have been a great experience.

Friend is going. Where should they stay?

Not sure what they are looking for. We stayed at Le Zebra which is right across from Noma. Not cheap. Right on the water and 3 minutes from Noma.

There are surely less expensive places.

Thank you!

I went back for my second meal at Noma Mexico and thought I would update this for anyone going to Tulum:

Top Restaurants:

Hartwood - excellent, would love to go back!
Kitchen - very good
Arca - recommended by many

Authentic Spots:

Taqueria Honoro - excellent tacos and very authentic
Chamico - Set on a beach, locals favorite, fantastic wood cooked fish and excellent ceviche
El Carboncito