Trying To Understand Palates on This Board . .

I think this is actually where the poll is most useful. I find people that have gone down the rabbit hole with coffee invariably start to look to delicate, citrus, floral dominated brews with specific temps and times to not muddle the persimmon flavour into a yuzu one or something along those lines.

I like my coffee strong with malty, biscuity, chocolate, etc. flavours and for it to put more hair on my chest than the excessive amount already there. It’s a drug and if the drug’s good I’ll do it straight which is my preference but if it’s not good I’ll doctor it to be palatable. Either way I’m not all that fussed. I’d prefer it good (which to me is as above) but the drug is the drug. Excpet for truck stop warm brown water “coffee” that’s not a sufficient drug delivery device.

Well done! I like brut champagnes and dryers, and also champagnes drier than brut.

Based on your response to my response, I suspect you like Alfert, which is bizarre

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I am his mentor and life coach

I just mean that I don’t like Folgers etc. :blush:
I also like Bustello and use a cafetera for a Buchi.

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I am extremely pleased that I never fell down the coffee rabbit-hole.

I have a french press. I like robust coffee from one of our local roasters, usually with milk or h/h and some sugar. I generally prefer not to have fruit in my coffee, and most coffees that are described by the roaster as “citrusy” or the like are not my cup of, well, coffee.

I don’t think this has any connection to which wines I like, but Larry may know better


Below is the real coffee thread with lots of posts like yours. You may want to add there.


Which also accounts for my typos.

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A non-poll vote for with nothing but a tiny bit of milk/cream. Enjoy good coffee, but perfectly happy with slugging back a cup from the deli or coffee cart on the street.
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No sugar.

NO “flavors” Just no.

Waiting on 300 votes . . .

I voted because we came to see a show and the opening act is getting old

I didn’t see this option

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Count me among those who don’t really know how to answer this. I used to drink coffee daily, but now drink maybe once every week or every other week. Good coffee, I prefer unadulterated espresso. Average coffee, I prefer some cream. Bad coffee, I prefer not to drink.

I drink tea much more regularly. I generally like greener oolongs, sometimes green or white tea. Rarely Darjeeling. Pu-erh once in a very great while, kind of like port. Never any other black tea.

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I’ve been drinking my coffee black with no sugar since I was about 10. I’d go to work with my dad, he had one thermos, that’s what he drank, and I still drink it that way. I’ve been roasting my own off and on for 30 years or so, and started doing it regularly since I bought an air roaster that will do 1/2 lb. I like to try different origins and usually roast to bring out the best in the coffee. I tend to go towards the darker roasts. I also have an 8’ tall coffee tree that I’ve been growing for about 15 years, and I might have enough beans for a full pot in another 5 years.

I have two or three cups in the morning. In the afternoon and evening I switch to water or tea. Hot black or green tea, hot or iced white tea. I haven’t really found an oolong or pu-erh that I really enjoy.

I quit drinking soda when I retired about 4 years ago. I don’t care for any flavorings in my coffee or in my beer, although a shot of Jamison’s is an occasional treat.

Only 3 votes have come in in the last 3 hours. Likelihood of getting to 300 is low.

Well I guess we’ll just have to wait until the morning then . . . and it doesn’t matter for folks will not agree with in anyways :thinking:

Would you also happen to like Piña Coladas? How about the taste of Champagne?

If so, write to me and we’ll escape………I’ll even bring some Bustelo stashed away in the suitcase.


To my knowledge, Guillermo, it’s pretty well known and accepted that at least the consumption of coffee in the origin areas has always been a fraction of what was exported. In Africa / middle east I believe coffee was a thing born from the locals and there was a certain culture even before it was treated as a commodity and vastly traded around.

Didn’t coffee in south and meso america started as a colonial enterprise that employed slaves in the plantations, in order to produce coffe and then bring it back to Europe? That should be taken into account.

On the last affirmation of people from wine country I think the contrary is mostly true: If I went to an average bar sport in the Veneto countryside and tell them there’s a place on the web where americans come to discuss wine they’d start laughing at the idea, saying that Italians were producing wines since ancient Rome while americans were busy shooting at the Indiands untill last week, and then they’ll chugh the nastyest wine produced by friend who does winemaking as a side project.


When I think about “coffee pourist” I can only think in specialty therms, otherwise it can’t really fly imho


Adding to the above, you also have things like green coffee in the middle east which I expect most western coffee drinkers would not enjoy.