Trying to decide...

what to open with my Flannery beef NY strip tonight (at 50% off thank you Bryan!) Choices are:

2003 SQN Papa
2004 Colgin Cariad
2005 Bryant family

Any recent experiences with any of these?

All good choices. For some reason the Colgin jumped out at me.

More importantly, what is this 50% off Flannery deal that you speak of…?

I believe it’s over now. It was sort of a thank you/mea culpa for the data breach so many customers experienced recently.

I’d rather have that bottle in your hand!

David, life is short, bust them all open and have a party! :joy:

Went with the Papa. Huge full bodied wine with a lot of black fruits and licorice. Bit of a coarse finish. The tannins were still quite powerful. Not sure how this will progress over time. It was tamed beautifully by the NY strip.

I love your post!

Thanks for the great pic as follow up!