Trujillo Wine

Received a letter in March for Trujillo wines. Really loved the Karl Lawrence Cabs. Any insight on this new label?

This is Mike Trujillo’s inaugural vintage of his personal label. The 2011 vintage wine is ready for sale at I have been buying Karl Lawrence since 1991 and have always enjoyed the winemaking style and price point. While I have not tasted this vintage, I did buy some 750s and a magnum. I have found that in strong or weak vintages, Mike’s wine have been very good.

Took a flyer on a three pack

any updates on the 2011 or if anyone stopped by for a visit ?

Price seems pretty fair, it’s weird that they are sold out of 3packs but not 6 packs, seems like you would sell everything if possible…

Somm Select had this as their wine offer of the day last week…$62 and free shipping…also a KL fan so went for 3

I’ve never heard of Somm Select and just did a search to check it out. I see if someone invites me to join, we both get a $10 credit. If someone wants to send me an invitation, I’ll happily sign up - to both of our benefit.

PM sent

Woodland Hills Wine Co- also has these for $65 per. I’m going to take a flyer as well.