Trophy Hunting in Burgundy (need recommendations on places to visit)

This is my first real post so please let me down gently if I missed something.

Over the last 3 - 4 years I have caught the Burgundy bug bad. I’m relatively young at 34 and unfortunately I was not buying much wine in my 20’s. So, here I am staring down crazy WS prices dreaming about wines that are far out of reach. That said, I do fairly well for myself and I will be visiting Burgundy for the first time in May / June. I’m looking for advice on acquiring and tasting bottles from some of the more sought after producers below WS prices.

How possible is this? Is it worth trying? I’m not expecting to find bottles at allocation or cellar door prices, but I’m hoping that maybe I can purchase a case of memorable wines for a relatively reasonable price. I do have a keen awareness of current market pricing. My typical budget is $100 - $300 a bottle and $500 - $1,000 every once in a blue moon, but if I stumbled upon a few bottles Roumier Bonnes Mares for $1,200 I would likely jump on it.

From the reading I have done on WB the two recurring themes are:

  • Go to Caveau de Chassagne

Earlier today I fired off a bunch of emails to all of the dream Domaines that everyone wants to visit, but realistically even if I did get lucky enough to taste at Roumier or Rousseau, they probably wouldn’t sell me any wine. Any advice would be very much appreciated. I would also be interested in restaurant recommendations, as I’ve heard there are still places you can drink Raveneau for under $100.



I’m doing the same and will be in burgundy two weeks late May/early June. Researching this all now. I’ll DM you - perhaps we compare notes