Trip to Burgundy - Wednesday

On Wednesday morning, our visit was with Alex Gambal at his winery. As he also went to UNC, we started out discussing UNC basketball and bored everyone else to death. This is a serious domaine with a wide range of wines from a variety of appellations and both in red and white. The wines we had were barrel samples from the 2015 vintage and they were very good. This is a domaine to watch as it seems like Mr. Gambal has very solid financial backing and, if Burgundy estates run into financial problems as a result of the frost, etc., in 2016, I would not be at all surprised to see significant acquisitions of land by this winery over the next couple of years or so. Would not be surprised to see Alex Gambal as a significantly larger winery in the near future.

Wednesday afternoon, we visited with Domaine Dublere. I really like Blair so please do not ask me to be totally objective when it comes to his wines. Still, I think his wines are incredible values. Blair was really the one producer we met who discussed the cost of his wines in the market and making sure he was making wines that could be sold at a reasonable prices. We tasted about 19 different 2014 (reds and whites) and 2015 (reds) wines and they were all quite good. Very pure wines without a lot of window dressing on them. Just my style of wine, from the Bourgogne Blanc and the Chorey les Beaune to the Volnay Taillepieds and the MSD Blanchards Some of the 2015s were showing some CO2 and were a bit hard to taste (Blair does not rack very often and the CO2 at this point will go away when the wines are racked). I think both vintages will be quite good. Blair, keep up what you are doing.

We ended Wednesday with Chandon des Briailles where we met with their Australian winemaker. I buy a lot of their wines and it was a lot of fun to be able to taste their again. However, these are wines of their terroir and their terroir is PV and Corton so that these wines can be hard to taste when young. Still, they wines are typical of CdB and typical of CdB is that they age quite well. And, we got to taste a very interesting Corton Blanc that I liked a great deal.

Thanks Howard for the vicarious thrills. Enjoy your time in Burgundy!

Well, I am home now - back to work tomorrow. Have some really wonderful memories.

Thanks for the reports Howard.

Howard, I too recently tasted at Alex Gambal. He and Alexandre are devastated by the frosts but are doing some really impressive things in their vineyards and winery, IMO. Thanks for your reports.

Basketball talk in a Burgundy cellar ! Couldn’t think of a better forum ! [highfive.gif]

Enjoyed reading your notes over the course of your stay, Howard… Sounds as though you had a marvellous visit to Burgundy.

Hank [cheers.gif]


I was very fair. Visited a UNC fan (Alex Gambal) and a dook fan (Blair Pethel). Brought Alex a UNC cap and Blair a dook cap (believe it or not). Talked hoops with each for a couple of minutes. Talked Burgundy a lot longer. Man cannot live by Burgundy or hoops alone. But both? Maybe.

I am sure they were both extremely happy with the caps, Howard. Nice gesture.

Hank [cheers.gif]