Trillium Farmhouse Brewery at Retail

Will have in a few weeks, trying to gauge interest on 6 or 12 bottle cases. PM me your email and I’ll reach out to you. Most of the beers are $8-$12, 750ml.



does the law apply to wine as well?

It does. I don’t have a berserkers business account and my job at a wine shop is only a part time gig as of now so I don’t want to push the line too far, but we can accommodate shipping of any alcohol you’re looking for, just pm me.

very cool - good to know. thanks!!

I was at the brewery in Canton last week when I was in town. Nice big facility in an industrial park. Even on Monday a dozen or more customers at all times. Was also there on Thurs when they released the Congress St DDH IPA and it was bonkers, 30+ people in line before opening. License plates from multiple states.

Can you link to a source explaining the law change?

Pm sent.