Tribeca lunch recommendation

I will be in Tribeca mid week with my wife (Chambers Street Wines and other essentials) and would be grateful for recommendations for a restaurant for lunch.

I would highly recommend Frenchette. If you can’t get a reservation they take walk-ins in the bar area.

Augustine is also quite close.

What about Racines? I’ve heard the new chef has been killing it and we all know the wine list is fantastic.

I’m also a fan of Frenchette and Augustine as well. But Racines is right down the street from CSW.

I don’t think Racines is open for lunch? I know it has been talked about.

In addition to the places already mentioned, Bouley at Home does lunch, though I have only had dinner there, and Locanda Verde can also be nice.

Thank you all. This is very helpful.

Augustine booked for lunch and Racines for dinner two days later. Frenchette looked good but as I am flying to France next…

I have not been to Augustine but given it is a Keith McNally restaurant his stick is usually to do watered down versions of French Bistros. Pete Wells gave it a ho hum 1 star review.

Frenchette has elevated classic french cooking and although it is a style I rarely go for I think the food is excellent. For comparison Pete Wells gave it a glowing 3 star review which is unheard of for a casual restaurant.

I only point this out because you said you picked Augustine over Frenchette because you don’t want French food.

I would be curious to know if anyone has eaten at both Augustine and Frenchette and how they compare.

Robert, thank you for your comments. I appreciate the insights and will take another look.

They’ve talked about lunch ever since they first opened. I didn’t think they had done it but since they subscribe to the far too common school of horrible restaurant website design it’s easy to find bios of their chef and somm but impossible to find their hours.

At least they don’t use flash.

I think I am the only one here that had a crappy dinner at Frenchette, but my frites were a salt lick, the duck breast was tough, they knocked over chairs passing my table and they seemed to be a little too pleased with themselves. (and that was before the *** review) Dinner was so bad I won’t brave the crowds to give it another shot despite seeing so many good reports.

I would add Del Posto for a great $59 lunch in the area as well as Batard and Locanda Verde.

Add that Del Posto is listing a good selection of Montevertine wines. And at not stupid prices.

Worse than the workday grub which I served to you?

I would second Locanda Verde and Del Posto, haven’t been to the others. In Soho nearby there is Balthazar, which probably has one of the best steak frites. Also good selection of french wines

My recent meal at Frenchette was good. I would say the food was exactly what I expected. Well executed bistro food. The service was excellent and the people watching was even better. Overall a fun and enjoyable experience, but if you’re going to France shortly, I wouldn’t bother. I do like the Locanda Verde suggestion.

Markus Glocker of Batard is now heading up the kitchen at Augustine so I would disregard any prior reviews. I have not been since he took over but I would be pretty confident that you would eat very well there.

For the wine list, Tribeca Grill is a standout–food not so much. Locanda Verde good, not great in my opinion, and the vibe is a little too relaxed and crowded.

OK so I had lunch at Augustine which was perfectly fine for what I wanted and in exactly the right location for my meeting. On Monday Amy and i had dinner at Racines which was very good. Enjoyed a bottle of 2015 Tissot La Mailloches with our food and could see myself going back regularly just for the wine list! Thanks to all for your advice.

Had a great dinner recently at Racine’s and want to go back to enjoy the bar with a group. What a great setup and wine list