Tres Sabores Wines?

Back over 20 yrs ago, Julie Johnson’s Tres Sabores Wnry was getting a lot of buzz, especially the Zin.
Not heard anything about them in yrs. Anybody had her wines of late??

Visited in August 2023 and it was wonderful. Beautiful place and really nice wines. A nice way to balance some of the big cab tastings.

Thanks so much for the update. Her WebSite seemed to indicate she was still doing business.
I seem to recall she was originally involved in Frog’sLeap…but that may be a leaky memory.
I should order some of her wines.

Tom–your memory is correct. Julie (my mom) co-founded FL with John Williams and Larry Turley. The TS vineyard was the first one that FL took organic (in '89) and the fruit went to FL until the late 90s. Her business model has had to shift with the times, and the TS wines are sold almost entirely direct-to-consumer these days. The vines themselves just passed the 50-year-old mark last year, still organic and dry-farmed.


Here is a photo of a very pregnant and hungry golden I took at the property in 2015.

My local shop down the street in Chicago carries a number of TS wines. Usually Por Que No and a rotating cast of others.

Thanks for fleshing out my memories, Rory. I must order some to check up on them.

Just ran acros this … I remember a visit in 2010 that was memorable. Now I work for Plum Markets in Detroit, and Madeline Triffon MS (our face of the business) is a great admirer of Julie, invited her to co-host a “Women in Wine” event in West Bloomfield with Anne-Charlotte of Font de la Loup in Chateauneuf a couple years ago. JJ still visits Detroit almost annually.

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Classy wines and classy people. In addition, the hospitality, scenery and commitment to responsible agriculture make this a Napa-Must in most any cellar, imo.

They throw a hell of a party, to boot!

Beautiful balanced and food-friendly wines.

Personal favorites are the Perspective Zin and the Cab Franc.