Traveling to UK and EU with less than 6 months left on Passport

Has anyone recently traveled to London and western Europe with less than 6 months left on passport? I have 2 trips planned close together and the last one is just a week under the 6 month limit.

My understanding is the EU, or more precisely, the Schengen area, requires at least 3 months of validity as that’s the maximum length of stay without obtaining a visa.

I’m not sure about the UK …

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“You’re from outside the EU, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland or Liechtenstein

You must have a valid passport to enter the UK. It should be valid for the whole of your stay.”

One where I’d contact each country’s passport agency to get a definitive (hopefully!) answer, rather than views from some folk that drink wines. I have heard of differing experiences, so having official correspondence would feel essential… that or renewing it and hence eliminating any risk.

When you post a question on a forum of wine drinkers, it stands likely you will get the views of some people who drink wine.

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Call CIBT and get a new passport.
I’ve used them a number of times for rushed passports and visas. They always deliver.

Did you notice that I linked to and quoted in my reply?

Yes I noticed the link. I was to see country rules but my biggest concern was rules the airlines make up and I figured there were a lot of well traveled people on this board. As long as I avoid Easyjet I am OK. I plan to renew as soon as I return and make the next trip Hawaii after I reapply for my passport so I won’t be in a rush.

ill just add that i have less than 6 months on mine before a trip to italy in august. with all the freakouts over passport renewals, i expedited mine and got it back on thur…basically 5 week turnaround.