Travel to Chateauneuf...

I am headed to southeast France in several months and was looking for great places to stay / eat…

Anyone have any great recommendations???


When are you going to be there, matt?

Lots of recommendations. When exactly are you travelling ?

Melissa and I stayed here last summer and really enjoyed it. Nice hotel and restaurant with a great view over the countryside. The village of Cliousclat is east of Valence, so kind of between the N and S portions of the Rhone Valley. We visited the Gigondas/Vayqueras/Dentilles region on a day trip from this hotel.

End of August…looking into it for my honeymoon…could easily do the Caribbean but thought just traveling around the south of France was our kind of trip…

When are you going?

End of August - Honeymoon - talk to me… [thankyou.gif]

We stayed here for a week:" onclick=";return false;

Right inside Avignon. Very clean and reasonably priced apartment with two rooms and a bath. Aida is very friendly and helpful. It is a good place if you do not want to stay out in the winery areas with easy access. Found this through Rick Steves.

that sounds like a perfect honeymoon (assuming she’s into wine, too! [wink.gif]). we’ll be going in October.


We have stayed twice in the past 3 yrs at this place in San Remy." onclick=";return false;

It is a wonderful place run by an American and about 30 mins. south of CdP. San Remy is a gorgeous town and is centrally located for many markets/historical towns and of course wine areas.

Since you are going in Aug I would delay to long in booking something as that is peak tourist time in the
S of France.


I was in Provence last August. We stay at my wife’s cousin’s house between Menerbes and Lacoste so I don’t know about hotels but I can give you one piece of advice: rent the smallest car you can. The roads in the counrty and streets in the villages are very narrow.

Matt, if you are looking at a week stay in one location I would suggest going onto" onclick=";return false; and have them send you a brochure of each province for Vaucluse (CdP & Avignon & CdRV), Bouches-du-Rhone, Drome, Alpes-de-Haut-Provence and Gard (neighboring provinces that touch Vaucluse, and the Drome and Gard are part of the Cotes-du-Rhone AOC). The accommodations range from very simple to totally luxe and from studio/1 bedrooms to places for 20, and even though they are France’s versions of summer rentals, many come with linens, sheets, and washers and dryers. IMO they are good value.

Most brochures will come with maps and tourist info about the region too, the Drome and Vaucluse are especially good for this.