Travel site:

I just found this site, and maybe I am just late finding it. But this site looks like it has some nice advantages.

For instance, it helps to look at flight prices for about 4 weeks ahead, and looks like this…for instance, Newark to Vegas:

I just started checking the site out, so there may very well be lots of advantages.

If others see things to check out there, post it here.

I’ve never heard of Bing. That chart is cool. Thanks.


I never heard of it either. But when I found it, and checked it out, it has some very interesting options. The charts of prices 4 weeks out would seem to be really helpful when your travel plans are flexible.

I have to check out some other things to see if there are other interesting options.

I liked the charts, but otherwise the whole booking site seems like a rip-off of that you might want to check as well.