Transporting chilled wine

Was thinking about this as I’m packing to drive up to Chicago for a riesling dinner tonight with the RieslingKenner crew.

Anyone have recommendations for wine bottle sleeves/cases that can keep a bottle chilled for several hours? Seems silly to use an Igloo to transport just one or two bottles.

I use this for transporting wine. It holds six bottles and does a great job. I put ice packs under and on top of the bottles. Has kept a bottle of wine chilled sitting inside for 24+ hours. I also like that it’s soft sided so I don’t worry about bottles breaking. I keep a corkscrew in the front pocket.

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If you have dry ice packs in your freezer like many do these days, you can wrap them in a towel and pack everything into multiple plastic shopping bags or the equivalent just to seal everything up. Works fairly well for a few hours.

I use a combination of this:

And this:

Both are items that I happened to own. The ice packs for my knees from running and the cooler bag that my in laws left at our house a decade ago. I wrap a bottle In the frozen ice pack and stash in the cooler.

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I also have one of these. It holds two bottles and is great for in town use. Although, I have taken it on a two hour trip with a bottle on one side and an ice pack on the other.

These work great

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I use these, then wrap with a towel in my regular daypack. Fine for occasional use, plus I use them for keeping a bottle chilled on a warm day outside.

Must say those Packit bags look tempting.

I’d say it’s not silly at all to use an igloo, too easy to stick in your trunk, or back seat if the wines haven’t been opened. I do that all the time.

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I am on acela heading to a dinner tonight in DC. I have 2 bottles and a frozen flatiron Flannery steak for a non pork eater in this Yeti cooler. It is a great thing to have and holds 6 bottles upright and at correct temp with minimal ice packs. The steak will still be frozen after the 3 hour trip.


Chill-n-go. It’s what the pros use. Just put some ice packs in with your wine and they’ll stay cold all day.