Trading wine program

Recently I realized that I have so much wine that I will never be able to consume it. I am sure I am the only one on the board with this problem. [rofl.gif]
So, I told my wife I was going to stop buying wine and she told me, that is never going to happen, since I am obsessed about wine, do research read etc etc.
I then realized that I need new wines in my cellar just to get my juices flowing, so I came up with this idea.

Create a trading group of no more then 6 people per cost. The group members agree on a date when they ship the wines to each other.
Group cost $300
Each member ships 2-6 bottles at a total value of $300.
Member 1 ships to member 2, member 2 ships to member 3 etc.

This is done 2-4 times per year.
What do you think? Is this a BS idea (Brilliant or Stupid).

Go ahead bash it :slight_smile:

Or you could just have a party at your house. :slight_smile:

2-6 bottles costing $300?

Based on what cost? I was looking at Wine Searcher the other day and they had the same wine for $69 and $250/bottle. I guess if they can get it, why not? But someone would feel cheated if they got two bottles of that wine based on the higher cost.

Then keep in mind that there are some wines that you just might not want. Six bottles of Pinot Noir? No thank you. I’d rather just keep my own wines than get something like that.

It’s not a bad idea, but it needs a little more thought.

Actually we do it, every year we host a wine charity event at our house and open as much wine as our friends want and when everybody is ready (a bit tipsy) we vote on a charity. This year the money went to SAY - Social Advocates for Youth.

I’ve traded wines with berserkers via Commerce Corner. Not much, but I’ve sent/received probably 2 cases or so.

This solves your over-supply problem how? Does it really scratch your buying itch or just give you another thing to stimulate buying with? I don’t need that, but it’s such a good deal…I could use it in the next trade around! You need the exchange to be reciprocal and mutually agreed upon. I don’t drink much California Cabernet beyond Monte Bello. If you send me a bunch of that, I discount its value over the other things I might send back. An interesting exchange might be made if you can make a market, but you have to somehow personalize it otherwise, the market will be more efficient at being a…market.


You would have to keep it one for one. Otherwise you’re releasing 3 bottles and getting 6 in return.

Good idea, though!

If buying is your problem, then:

  1. Organise a home-based storage space that is constrained to 3-5 years worth of drinking.
  2. Select the wines you want the most and put them in that storage space
  3. Everything else goes off to auction
  4. You can only buy when there is space in new constrained storage space.
  5. In bond or off site storage is banned.

It’s an addiction many here have. If you want to manage it, your suggestion won’t be of use, but hard rules such as the above can control it.

Well, you’re tons of fun. neener


I would like to find people in my city who appreciate and cherish great wine as much as we do to get together occasionally to share our great wines with each other. Come visit us on the patio (or anywhere) in Santa Maria, CA…Anyone?

Great single malt or beer would work too!