Trader Joe's: Finally a Wonderful Value at $9

I blindly chose this at TJs in Los Altos, CA.

2011 Trader Joe’s Reserve Petit Verdot -Paso Robles

Not too contemplative, but darn tasty and satisfying…gulpable and goes down too easily (in a good way). Rather fleshy dark berries fruits, countered with zippy acidity, some tannins, and a medium-long, slightly tart finish.

All for $8.99

My experience is that most of the TJ’s labels are horrible. However, there is the occasional gem and when found, they drink well above their price.

The best TJ QPR, and consistently delicious, is the Belgian style golden ale made by Unibroue. Drinking one now while watching G-Men turn it over 3 times in the 1st 6 minutes. Yikes!! At least the beer is tasty.

This should be a consistent thread, posting the good ones. Somebody posted a chard deal about a month ago that I bit on and it turned out to be pretty good for $5.99 per. Going to try that Unibroue. Love the Belgians.

That Chard is called Revelation. The 2011 is quite nice with a little butter and fresh white fruit. I think it drinks like a chard 3-4x it’s price.

The red is, in my opinion, far better, and far more impressive for the price.

While I won’t pretend that I don’t have any skin in this, I have to wonder how different the bottlings are from one coast to the other. With a new TJ opening up here recently, I’ve heard very weak commentary on the store brand wine quality. I have to think the TJ brands were better when there were fewer store to supply back in the day. A $20 ‘Chateauneuf’ can be easily outclassed by a $15 Cotes du Rhone from a good producer, especially here on the EC versus the OC.

I’ve only tried a few TJ wines based on recs here and none were worth buying again.

I have had great luck w/ a number of TJ wines.

La ferme julien,both the white and rose made by the Perrin bros for 5.99 are both great for summer drinking.

The 2010, Perrin Cote du rhone for 8.99 is as good as any CDR for 12-15.

Alamos 2012 Torrontes for 9 is a spectacular deal.

The VINTJS sauvignon blanc from knights valley or Napa valley are great quaffers at under $8.

^this^ has become one of my primary summer QPR whites.

Finishing off the bottle a number of days later (Coravin’d). This is a HUGE value. Beside some rich fruit, I dig the wonderful acidity and terrific verve. Between it and a '07 Carlisle Dry Creek syrah (also Coravin’d), I have to give the nod to the TJs. While the Carlisle is a bigger wine, it’s the acidity in the TJs that makes this wine really work.

That could be the first ever Coravin’d bottle of TJ wine…

Barry, I have to admit that I love that you’re using a $300 preservation system on a $9 wine. champagne.gif


Thank you…thank you very much. [winner.gif]

My default value Italian red is Epicuro Aglianico. $5.99 and a good match for mid week Italian cuisine. I much prefer the 10 to the ripe 09.

The Epicuro Vermentino is also good but I have not seen it for a couple of years.

What’s the net cost of the TJs once you factor in the $11 argon canister?


+1 for the Unibroue. I’m not sure which beers TJ’s stocks, but try the Maudite if they have it.