Total Wines Champagne

Total Wines seems to have several “house” Champagnes that they sell for a low (for Champagne standards) price. Mailly, De Margerie, Moutadon, etc. Even one for a little over $20 called Atair Etoile.

Are any of these worth getting in your experience? I plan on doing a “Mix 6” next month and picking up a few of these plus a few of the more well known Houses (they have a good deal on Pol Roger right now).

I’ve enjoyed bottles of Mailly and de Margerie.
You should also peruse the champagne selection at Saratoga Wine Exchange in upstate NY.

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Oh yeah, I also have enjoyed some Tsarine from TW.

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What are some good non vintage and vintage champagnes to try? I’m not very knowledgeable on champagnes.

I’ve gotten (very) into Champagne lately.

I’ve liked almost all of the ones I’ve tried, but the best one I had so far is Louis Roederer Brut NV, which is about $50 a bottle. If you want something that won’t burn your pockets, the Champagne at Costco is $20 and I find it quite good.

Bit of a thread-drift here, but I’m in the poorhouse because I started buying Champagnes from Envoyer and Lopa. If you live in states that are convenient to them, I’d highly recommend getting on their lists. With names that I’m not familiar with, I just use Cellar Tracker to gauge. They will allow you to aggregate an order before shipment to avoid getting killed with shipping fees for 1-3 bottle orders. Both are top notch–search the wine talk thread for either to learn more, but both have been fantastic sources for me.

I just got the 20$ Kirkland Champagne. Hope it’s decent!