Total Wine Rewards Changes

I know Total is not always a fan favorite around here, but one of the reasons I tend to still visit the store is the rewards system. Apparently, based on the email I just got, it is getting some updates. Per the email:

10 points for every dollar spent (unchanged I believe?)
2X, 3X, 5X rewards on specific purchases (this is new, used to be just double points on Winery Direct)
5,000 points = $5 gift certificate

The last one is new. I’m wondering if that is going to start replacing the coupons they send out? Does anyone have any more detail about this?

So…for every $500 spent, you get $5 off on the next wine.
Guess that’s not something that really excites me much.
I shop at TW from time to time, mostly to try some of their Winery Direct wines.
Been a bit underwhelmed by them thus far.
I find bottom-feeding at TraderJoe’s a bit more rewarding.

If the 15% and 20% coupons were to disappear my wine purchases at Total Wine would likely come to a screeching halt.

I wondered the same thing when I got the email this AM, but in the FAQ section it says that these gift certificates CAN be used with other coupons. So while that doesnt 100% confirm that the 15% and 20% off will still be a thing…I’m at least hopeful.

I’ll give a call this AM to my local store and see if I can find someone who actually knows what’s going on.

Their prices on bdx wines are just about at market, and with 15% (or sometimes 20%) off, they become pretty sweet deals. I have also bought some wine on futures; their 50% down deal is pretty nice too. Easy pick-up two miles from my house

Exactly. The coupons present opportunities to find other spot deals throughout the store, but Bordeaux is really the only wine in thing they do well, and I think they do it very well.

im right there with you both. I wont even go in the store during times when theres no a 15+% off coupon. even at 15, it takes a lot. the 20% will pull me in normally though. few better ways to get some of those things I keep my eye on but are just above my every day purchase price

I’ll go in to the store without a coupon, but I go straight to the beer section, and then leave. Maybe once in a blue moon is there some wine worth purchasing without a coupon, but, quite frankly, it’s not worth the time and effort.

Just talked to TW and they said they are definitely still keeping the 15%, 20%, etc coupons going.

So this additional gift certificate is just an added bonus. I’ll take it. Plenty of good deals to be had with the coupons and assuming you go to the right location (selection varies GREATLY between stores). I’m a fan.

Is this just in certain States? I didn’t get the email.

that works for me then.

I have definitely noticed some of them are way better than others. sometimes, I’ve also noticed, the staff makes a huge difference. our staff is currently pretty terrible, and doesnt really seem interested in learning much more about how to be better, which is unfortunate because their selection isnt bad if they knew where to point people.

Yes, just in some states.
Connecticut law prevents them from distributing coupons, so we get Mix 6 discounts on bottles with price ending in 8.
I buy large amounts of Bordeaux at TW.

Ditto here. Other than this I only go in for the rum.

I already have 40k in points. I wonder if I’ll be able to redeem those for anything

The only thing I purchase there is the wines Morelli’s offers in St. Paul since Total Wine will match their price and take a credit card. I find total wine is terrible on any wine over $35. Under that price point they are competitive in Minneapolis/ St. Paul.

So Interesting to me to hear these kind of stories, as its night/day difference to what I experience here in AZ. Sure they have TONS of lower priced/grocery story type wines…but they also have an incredible selection of higher-end, and even relatively difficult to find bottles. In my opinion they are by far strongest in CA and France (Bordeaux in particular), and their every day pricing is strong. But as others have mentioned, when you factor in the 15% and 20% coupons, there’s some awesome deals to be had for even the most discerning wine buyer.

For those of you that unfortunately struggle to find berserker-type bottles at your local TW locations, do they have glass cases in the front? Even at the worst TW location here in AZ (as I mentioned earlier, selection varies widely between locations), you can find a gem or two in the glass cases.

I agree completely. The widespread distaste is strange to me as they have plenty of excellent wines and a great selection of high end wines in the reserved/cooler section. Sure, they don’t have small production, boutique wines, but that doesn’t mean their selection is poor. Their prices are also pretty fair.

I think the negative opinions are grossly overblown.

Total Wines is hit and miss.

They do OK in bordeaux IMO, but i have never seen a larger and more worthless rose section. Literally all crap.

Their Loire and Germany sections are equally deplorable. The Germany section is so bad it actually angers me a little.

That’s a fair comment. Their German and Loire selections are by far their weakest area in my opinion. If that’s what you’re going there for, you’ll most definitely be disappointed.